Unboxing Hobonichi 2017

To me, the unboxing of a highly anticipated package can be exhilarating with a hint of magic.  The downside to the heightened anticipation is checking that tracking number chronically.  After about two weeks of waiting (I ordered mine on August 31, Pacific Standard Time), the signature yellow package from Hobonichi finally reached my door.

The deliberation for the coming year’s set up is relatively short in comparison to last year or the year before, as the goal I have set for the coming year is to streamline my daily carry.  With that in mind, I have ordered the following:


(Clockwise from upper left corner)

  • Complimentary Uni-Ball 3-color Jetstream and mini butter toast plate
  • A6 Original Avec Book (Japanese version)
  • A6 Original (English version)
  • Lapis cover
  • Card case

Do not worry, I am not ambitious enough to keep two full-size planners in 2017; the Techo in English is for my sister, as part of my annual planner gifting ritual.  Differed from this year when I use Weeks for work and an Original Techo as my journal, I decide to utilize the mid-line in the Techo page layout to divide work and personal, in order to consolidate numbers of objects I carry around and possess.

As mentioned couple years back, I did not limit Techo as a conventional planner where appointments and to-dos are jotted down.  It morphs into a quasi-keep sake book that houses various pieces that I like to hold on.  The weight of the planner, as you can imagine, increases as days pass by, which make it less feasible to carry around.  To remedy the eventual bulkiness, I will give Avec another try– carry 6 months worth of accumulation is surely lighter than 12 months!


Compact and clean.  Too bad that writing will volumize the notebook

There are some subtle changes in page format.  As seen below with 2016 on the left and 2017 on the right.  The print color is slightly darker but nonobtrusive, and the date grid is slightly smaller. If you scrutinize the overall writing space in the coming year is also larger.


I have totally given in to the temptation of yet another cover.  Different from previous years, I have opted for a printed one based on a piece from Lapis:  Motion in the Silence by Junaida.  The whimsical yet elegant illustration caught my eyes and something joyful to look at on those blue days.  Even though the cover is made with polyester material, it did not give off as strong of a scent comparing to the Colors series.




You can still see the texture of the material through the print

The interior is slightly different from the Colors series that the pockets are made with faux leather.  It may not feel as luxurious or wholesome as real leather, it is smooth to touch without stickiness.


As you can see from the picture above, the bookmarks do not have the signature triangle and rectangle charms.  According to Hobonichi, this was done deliberately, as other details should not take the focus away from the artwork.


In a way, Hobonichi is designed with a similar principle as Midori’s Traveler’s Notebook:  users will have a variety of inserts to choose from, for the purpose of customizing and consolidating.  Because of my commute and work hours, I have the tendency to carry more than I need.  My plan is to integrate my planner with the wallet since I carry the former almost 24/7.  I cannot yet predict the outcome of this experiment, but I shall remain cautiously optimistic🙂


Have you picked out your planner for next year?  Are you modifying your current set-up?

Hobonichi 2017

It is never too early/late to plan.  My incessant debate over which planner to use for the following year begins as early as June, almost around the same time as when Hobonichi rolls out various announcements on its exciting offers for the coming year.

Check out the 2017 line up here.  The webstore will open September 1, 2016 at 11AM Japan time (August 31 at 3PM UTC).  Use this converter to calculate the release time in your time zone.

To see in-person photos of the 2017 planners, visit Hobonichi’s Facebook page.

Which one has caught your eyes?

Galen Leather Tool Roll

Truth be told, I do not have a dedicated fountain pen carrying case.  The one I have been using is a leather pen pouch that I have since I was in third grade.  Perhaps this pen pouch has been formative in my pen case experience, I have wanted to look for something similar but with a bit more protection for my everyday carry.  After using Nomad Easy Classification Pencil Case and roll pen case by Saki Collection for about 6 months each, the thought of “maybe there is a more suitable product” continuously surfaces.  Alas, the quest of searching for a pen case continues.

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Prantl Dr. Thomas Mann Schreibblock

I count myself extremely lucky that people around me appreciate my stationery obsession.  Not only I can talk to them about it , but they also think of me whenever they see interesting stationery items.  That is this Schreibblock (notepad) by Fr. Ant. (Franz Anton) Prantl,  one of the oldest printing press in Munich, Germany, since 1797.  Yes, a paper mill with history.  Prantl reached its fame due to its popularity among artists and writers, such as Richard Strauss (composer) and Thomas Mann (writer). In fact, Prantl’s crest was the first Royal Warrant bestowed by King Ludwig I of Bavaria (His son had built the Neuschwanstein Castle, in case you are interested).


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Pelikan Edelstein Ink of 2018

Perhaps some of you have heard, Pelikan is hosting a color contest for Pelikan Edelstein 2018, with lots of great opportunities to win some goodies.  If it is up to you, what color would it be?  For the full details, check out Edelstein Ink of the Year page.  Want to mix up your own unique color?  Start your experiment here!