Hobonichi 2021

Now more than ever that I realize how important pattern is in our lives. Since the global pandemic has provided us an opportunity to reexamine the priorities in our previous lives, some recognizable details that allow us to reminisce that “good ol’ days” can spark small joy. I was elated to learn that Hobonichi will announce its 2021 line-up in the month of August and begin the sale promptly on September 1, 2020.

Like the previous years, Hobonichi will make incremental announcement on the new release and new features on planner. It is a good comprehensive overview for both new and returned users. It is similar to an Advent calendar in August, enough for users to savor daily. Check here for daily updates. Hobonichi now also has an Instagram account in English, for those who are interested.

Happenings in 2020 may have thrown off our plans and footing, it is important to remain faithful and hopeful that we can move forward, albeit cautiously.

Hope you are safe and well.

For Hobonichi fans in the US, purchasing directly from Hobonichi directly could be cost prohibitive due to the temporary Japan Post suspension. Here are some viable alternatives:

For other purchase options, including brick and mortar stores, check here.

*I am not affiliated with or being compensated by any of the vendors listed. Just a happy customer who want to spread the joy.

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