Housekeeping announcement

Happy belated new year! I hope everyone has a peaceful beginning of 2019. As some of you may notice, pictures from most entries have disappeared from this blog. Due to Flickr’ recent change on storage policy, I have downloaded all (if not most) photos, uploaded them to another cloud-based storage, and deleted the copies on Flickr. Though the downloading process only involves mouse movement, reposting pictures to their respective areas can be time consuming and laborious. During this transition, please pardon all the space holders on the blog!

Meanwhile, take good care of yourself and enjoy the stationery 🙂

4 thoughts on “Housekeeping announcement

    1. I am storing them on Google Photos, since it has unlimited storage. In addition, WordPress has a built-in media insertion function directly from Google Photos, which I found convenient, though the search algorithm is a bit awkward. This is the third time I move all photos. Let’s hope I won’t need to do it again soon.


      1. I thought you can also store them directly on WordPress for free, but now that I read your answer I assume there is a limit and you have too many photos for that.


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