Friday Read

I came across an older article that analyzes how ballpoint lens has runes cursive writing. It reminds me of my own schooling; younger grade students (first and second) were disallowed to use ballpoint pens, for the reason that ink was too smooth. Writing itself consisted of many fine motor skills and requires more developed musclesContinue reading “Friday Read”

Ballpoint Pen Review: Zebra Surari .5mm black ink

If you have noticed, I have not yet reviewed a ballpoint pen in this blog.  My little confession is that I have been disappointed by various ballpoint pens in the past.  Despite that technology has advanced compared to my school days, I am still dubious about ballpoint pens.  When I see Surari by Zebra, IContinue reading “Ballpoint Pen Review: Zebra Surari .5mm black ink”