Platinum Curidas

Happy Tuesday! I have long enjoyed Pilot Vanishing Point (VP) for its convenience and ingenuity. Imaging my bliss when I learnt that Platinum is releasing a retractable fountain pen as well. Some of the early impressions on this pen is a mixed bag. Some observers worry that the plastic body will not withstand daily usage.Continue reading “Platinum Curidas”

Platinum Century with SF and UEF nibs

I have always wondered how similar are the Pilot Falcon and Platinum Century soft fine (SF) nibs. This curiosity was left on the back burner for several years because many fountain pen enthusiasts commented on how Platinum’s SF nib does not flex as much compared to Falcon. Curiosity kills a cat. More than a yearContinue reading “Platinum Century with SF and UEF nibs”

Platinum Carbon Black and Sailor Nano Ultra Black

One might notice that I rarely mention black fountain pen ink (or other colors that are suitable for work environment for that matter).  This omission is entirely intentional when I realize that I have an abnormal high standard for an ideal black.  You might recall from the past posts that I used to practice ChineseContinue reading “Platinum Carbon Black and Sailor Nano Ultra Black”

Beginner Fountain Pens: Part I

The choice for a beginner fountain pen is particularly difficult because a pen can leave a lasting impression.  By beginner, I mean either someone who has not used a fountain pen before or someone who is eager to try out a new nib. If I have shared my impression on the pen previously in thisContinue reading “Beginner Fountain Pens: Part I”