Platinum Curidas

Happy Tuesday! I have long enjoyed Pilot Vanishing Point (VP) for its convenience and ingenuity. Imaging my bliss when I learnt that Platinum is releasing a retractable fountain pen as well. Some of the early impressions on this pen is a mixed bag. Some observers worry that the plastic body will not withstand daily usage. Some commented that the clip placement ruins the overall aesthetic and potentially the writing experience. I am lucky that I have very positive experience with Platinum pens in general, with the exception of Preppy. Regarding the clip, I was not bothered by the clip on Pilot VP, as I held the pen with both thumb and index finger around the clip. One feature that Curidas has is a removable clip, with a special tool enclosed by Platinum.

Several vendors have offered pre-order of the pen, including Pen Sachi (no affiliation, just being a good Samaritan). For more technical information, see Platinum’s page. The pen is scheduled to be released on February 28, 2020 (though I have read somewhere that it will be released on the 8th in Japan). Wonder where did the name Curidas come from? Check out Bruno’s investigative piece on the namesake, as well as the market for retractable fountain pens in 2020.

Are you anticipating the arrival of Curidas?

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