Hobonichi 2021

Now more than ever that I realize how important pattern is in our lives. Since the global pandemic has provided us an opportunity to reexamine the priorities in our previous lives, some recognizable details that allow us to reminisce that “good ol’ days” can spark small joy. I was elated to learn that Hobonichi willContinue reading “Hobonichi 2021”

Brownie planner A5 Slim

No, we do not have a crossover between pastries and stationery (though I wish that combination will happen more often); my planner pick of 2018 is named after a dessert. I have been dragging my feet on talking about this planner, partly because it is not as accessible as Hobonichi, Midori, Maruman, and other arraysContinue reading “Brownie planner A5 Slim”

Platinum Century with SF and UEF nibs

I have always wondered how similar are the Pilot Falcon and Platinum Century soft fine (SF) nibs. This curiosity was left on the back burner for several years because many fountain pen enthusiasts commented on how Platinum’s SF nib does not flex as much compared to Falcon. Curiosity kills a cat. More than a yearContinue reading “Platinum Century with SF and UEF nibs”

Friday Read

I came across an older article that analyzes how ballpoint lens has runes cursive writing. It reminds me of my own schooling; younger grade students (first and second) were disallowed to use ballpoint pens, for the reason that ink was too smooth. Writing itself consisted of many fine motor skills and requires more developed musclesContinue reading “Friday Read”