GrandLuxe A6 Elastiq Journal



(Taken from GrandLuxe catalog)
  • Soft flexible premium PU cover with multicolor elastic band
  • 120L of 100 gsm acid-free cream blank paper
  • Available in 8 colors:  Black, Blackberry (deep purple), Brown, Fern (moss green), Rose (magenta), Sky Blue, Sport Red, and Yellow
  • Measures 164 x 120 mm (6.5 x 4.7 inch)
  • 240 pages
  • Also available in A7 (126 x 78 mm; 5 x 3.1 inch)
The Elastiq Journal by GrandLuxe might have a simple design, but compare to Monologue notebooks by the same company, it has a bit more touch of elegance.  While Monologue has the aura of “on the go”, Elastiq Journal is more like a notebook one would use to keep a diary.  The PU cover is thick yet flexible, smooth to touch and the pattern of the cover mimics natural leather grain.
The notebook is held together by a multicolor elastic band, and as one opens the journal, there is a small PU piece that keep the elastic band stationary.  One thing that stands out in the journal is the details in workmanship.  The picture below shows the matching color stitch on the PU piece, though it is concealed inside of the journal.


Elastiq Journal shares a similar problem with thicker journals in that it does not stay flat, so it is necessary to hold on to the opposing page while writing.


Similar to notebooks in Monologue line Elastiq has cream colored pages.  The difference is in page format; Elastiq has blank ruling.  In some ways, blank pages are more versatile in terms of different styles of journaling; it can double as a scrapbook or visual journaling without restrictions of lines or dots.  The paper surface is not glossy smooth nor toothy, but even like regular printer paper.  Personally I prefer cream colored paper than white, though some users prefer white so the ink color will stand out. To my eyes, the paper color in Elastiq is not too yellow to mute the ink colors.  


The paper in Elatiq is very similar to the one in Monologue in that it works great with ballpoint and gel pens, but not fountain pens.  There is obvious bleedthrough as well as showthrough for the latter.


For a journal of its size, I am surprise that there is not a page marker.  One can easily use a bookmark or a book dart to indicate the last page used.


  • PU cover that can withstand wear and tear.  Soft to touch yet substantial.
  • Nicely detailed.
  • Cream colored pages that are easy to the eye.
  • Portability.


  • Not fountain pen friendly
  • Does not stay flat
  • No page marker
  • Only one page format available.

This notebook is available for purchase at Amazon.

This notebook is provided by GrandLuxe.  I am not compensated monetarily for writing this post. Opinions expressed here are entirely my own and are not influenced by the company.  

4 thoughts on “GrandLuxe A6 Elastiq Journal

  1. Great review! The notebook looks really interesting, but I'm hoping they improve the paper to make it more fountain pen-friendly, since that's what I use 90% of the time I write something 🙂


  2. Thanks for the review I'm always on the lookout for more paper. I like the fold over cover design and even have a lean towards the Blackberry purple but the lay flat issue is the killer for me. Fun read though always


  3. I am surprised that this paper does not take fountain pen ink because of the density, but when it comes to paper and ink compatability, many elements go into it. Coating, absorbency, ink, etc. It is a nice gift for avid diary keepers for sure, as long as they stay away from fountain pens 😉


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