A Word or Two on Ink Testing Paper

Looking back to all sorts of ink reviews/test I have done on this blog, one element I have noticed is the change in paper.  In the earlier days, most ink testing is done on Rhodia classic N°16/N° 18, either grid or dot ruled.  As time goes on, I shifted to Japanese paper, mostly Maruman, withContinue reading “A Word or Two on Ink Testing Paper”

Prantl Dr. Thomas Mann Schreibblock

I count myself extremely lucky that people around me appreciate my stationery obsession.  Not only I can talk to them about it , but they also think of me whenever they see interesting stationery items.  That is this Schreibblock (notepad) by Fr. Ant. (Franz Anton) Prantl,  one of the oldest printing press in Munich, Germany, sinceContinue reading “Prantl Dr. Thomas Mann Schreibblock”

Clairefontaine 1951 Staple-bound Notebook

A couple summers ago, I reached an epiphany one night while studying (obviously, I was not focusing as I should):  I should use notebooks I have acquired over the years for note-taking and so I will not need to ink about 100 pens to do test pages.  Like many other fountain pen lovers, I tend to haveContinue reading “Clairefontaine 1951 Staple-bound Notebook”

Monk Paper A4 Soft Cover Sketchbook

Lokta paper is a handmade artisan paper indigenous to Nepal that is made from the fibrous inner barks of two types of Laurel, locally known as Lokta.  Similar to harvesting of sugar cane, Lokta was cut close to the base for paper making, and the tree could regenerate to full maturity in 4 to 5Continue reading “Monk Paper A4 Soft Cover Sketchbook”

Dialogue Too A5 Notebook

A problem with liking nice designs is that many notebooks will involuntarily follow you home.  When I received a hefty box from Grandluxe sometimes last year, Dialogue Too notebook was the one that caught my eyes with its embossed motif on the cover.  Like many GrandLuxe notebooks that I have reviewed1,2 Dialogue Too is made withContinue reading “Dialogue Too A5 Notebook”

Hobonichi Techo Planner

Besides the meaning of “notebook”, 手帳 (techo) also denotes pocket diary.  The format of the Hobonichi Techo planner definitely encapsulates both meanings.  Though I have the habit of using planners, I must admit I am horrible at using them.  The attraction was almost immediate when I first saw Hobonichi’s planner and detailed explanation of differentContinue reading “Hobonichi Techo Planner”

Overview of Word. The Standard Memorandum

Word. Memorandum, a set on Flickr. Since I am giving away The Standard Memorandum by Word. Notebook, it would be nice for those who entered and those who are still looking for a new planner for the new year to know how it looks like inside.  Instead of embedding individual pictures within the post, IContinue reading “Overview of Word. The Standard Memorandum”