Currently Inked


For those who have known me for awhile, black, blue, and blue black are usually not good company of mine.  It must be the ink restriction that was imposed while I was in school that I avoid using these colors given the choice.  Well, never say never, right?  As the above image shown, most of the ink that I have chosen are either black and blue, with a few exceptions.  While I cannot offer a cogent explanation to my choices, these colors start to grow on me, a calming presence, so to speak.

Does your ink choices this week have a lean on a particular color group?


2 thoughts on “Currently Inked

  1. Thank you, Bob, for the read. This rotation is darker than usual, not sure whether I am in the mood to give blue and black another chance or the colder weather did a number. I have a bad habit of filling extra ink in a vial and forget to label it; thus created the “unknown ink” situation. The “unknown blue” is definitely darker than Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue, but I cannot recall whether it was one of the Iroshizuku or else. I better learn my lessons here!


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