Gel Pen Review: Zebra Pticolon Brown, Vanilla scented

Zebra Pticolon Brown Gel Pen.  The vanilla scent is warming. rectangular cap that does not prevent the pen from rolling for some reason. .8mm tip. Might be too bold for those who prefer microtip, but it ensures the nice flowing of a thicker ink. Here comes the review…  Zebra Pticolon Scented Gel Pen(Brown; vanilla scented)IContinue reading “Gel Pen Review: Zebra Pticolon Brown, Vanilla scented”

Ballpoint Pen Review: Zebra Surari .5mm black ink

If you have noticed, I have not yet reviewed a ballpoint pen in this blog.  My little confession is that I have been disappointed by various ballpoint pens in the past.  Despite that technology has advanced compared to my school days, I am still dubious about ballpoint pens.  When I see Surari by Zebra, IContinue reading “Ballpoint Pen Review: Zebra Surari .5mm black ink”

100th post giveaway

The goodies It is hardly believable that I have written one hundred review posts, long and short.  I am in a bit shock that I have the perseverance to post my two-cents periodically.  Part of the motivation is from you, the readers, for supporting (and in some way tolerating) the existence of this blog.  AsContinue reading “100th post giveaway”

Giveaway: Zebra Airfit Jell .5mm

Time to share the love!  I am impressed by how comfortable the grip of Zebra Airfit Jell that was reviewed previously, I am now giving one away.  Please scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the Rafflecopter entry form.  This contest is open internationally, as long as USPS delivers to your countryContinue reading “Giveaway: Zebra Airfit Jell .5mm”

Review and Giveaway on Zebra Airfit Mechanical Pencil or What would Mr. Darcy do?

Remember Zebra Airfit Jell I mentioned awhile back?  The pen is impressive insofar as I decide to pick up its counterpart, a mechanical pencil.  The anatomy of the pencil is identical to the pen:  fully functional clip, supportive yet squishy cushion, and brightly colored body.  This particular one that I pick up is in pearlyContinue reading “Review and Giveaway on Zebra Airfit Mechanical Pencil or What would Mr. Darcy do?”

Gel Pen Review: Zebra Airfit Jell with .5mm blue refill

I am always eager to try out any pens that has extra cushion because how tight my deathly grip is, insofar as having a huge callous on my right middle finger.  Dr. Grip used to be my go-to pen to relieve that writer’s fatigue, but due to regular wear and tear the grip is noContinue reading “Gel Pen Review: Zebra Airfit Jell with .5mm blue refill”