KWZ Honey

KWZ ink started with Konrad Zurawski's interest in improving saturation in one of his ink. This passion has flourished and it has caught the stationery world's attention with its extensive iron gall line.  The premise of Konrad's story and ink line reminded me of Organics Studio (I have reviewed its Foggy Bottom, an ink specially made for…


Ink Review: De Atramentis Gingerbread

Many stationery enthusiasts describe their favorite inks as delectable.  De Atramentis Gingerbread, though unfit for consumption, does trigger olfactory and sennsory responses.  If you like warm and toasty cinnamon scent, this ink will be ideal for you.Interested in getting one?  Head over to Goulet Pens to check out their great selections of De Atramentis inks.