Sailor Jentle Kin-Mokusei

Following its previous ink releasing pattern, in 2016 Sailor “resurrected” limited edition from years before. When I caught a glimpse of orange in the rotation, I immediately thought Sailor has brought back the coveted and beloved Apricot. Since Sailor ink priced a bit lower overseas (a little over 10 USD versus 18 USD in theContinue reading “Sailor Jentle Kin-Mokusei”

Sailor Colors of Four Seasons

Sailor fountain pen ink rank very high on my personal list, for the hues are saturated and can transform any scratchy nibs into fine buttery ones due to their lubrication.  However, no new addition was made to the Jentle ink line for quite some time, so you can imagine my ecstasy when Sailor announced theContinue reading “Sailor Colors of Four Seasons”

Platinum Carbon Black and Sailor Nano Ultra Black

One might notice that I rarely mention black fountain pen ink (or other colors that are suitable for work environment for that matter).  This omission is entirely intentional when I realize that I have an abnormal high standard for an ideal black.  You might recall from the past posts that I used to practice ChineseContinue reading “Platinum Carbon Black and Sailor Nano Ultra Black”

Sailor Fude Brush Stroke Fountain Pen

By serendipity, I learned about fude nib fountain pen by Sailor by reading Bruno Taut’s Crónicas Estilográficas.  It is considered a specialty nib and the price is as special as the nib shape (around $365-$655, depending on the pen model).  Fortunately, Sailor does produce an economy version of it that costs $16. The body of the penContinue reading “Sailor Fude Brush Stroke Fountain Pen”

Beginner Fountain Pen: Part II

(This is the second part of my recommendations to fountain pen beginners You may find part 1 here.) 4.  Lamy Al-Star Price:  $34.95-$45 (Al-Star); $22-35 (Safari) This is the first pen I purchased after a long fountain pen hiatus.  The appearance is simple, modern, and sleek.  The nib, thankfully, does the appearance justice.  The mediumContinue reading “Beginner Fountain Pen: Part II”