Gel Pen Reivew: Uni-Ball Style Fit v. Pilot Coleto

Since Style Fit and Coleto supposed to be competitors, which one is better?  In my opinion, they are both lovely writing utensils.  At the end, it really depends on what you are looking for and your preference. Below is a chart that summarizes the technical aspects of both Style Fit and Coleto: Style Fit ColetoContinue reading “Gel Pen Reivew: Uni-Ball Style Fit v. Pilot Coleto”

100th post giveaway

The goodies It is hardly believable that I have written one hundred review posts, long and short.  I am in a bit shock that I have the perseverance to post my two-cents periodically.  Part of the motivation is from you, the readers, for supporting (and in some way tolerating) the existence of this blog.  AsContinue reading “100th post giveaway”

Gel Pen Review: Pilot Latte Orange

Besides pens I can use for day-to-day writing, I also love specialty pens that can be used for craft.  When I saw Pilot Latte on JetPens, I was immediately attracted to its compact size and pastel colored ink, that reminded me of the Pentel Milky pens I coveted while in high school.   Latte measuresContinue reading “Gel Pen Review: Pilot Latte Orange”

Ink Review: Iroshizuku Ku-jaku

While tidying up my bottles of ink, I also discovered that I had plenty of ink samples.  One of my goals before I purchased another full-size bottle was to use up some of the samples I have accumulated.  Ever since my pleasant experience with Caran d’Ache’s Caribbean Blue, I wanted to look for another shadeContinue reading “Ink Review: Iroshizuku Ku-jaku”

Ink Review: Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu

Rational reasoning is not a requirement for a stationery addict to buy inks, but personally there are some cues that will set the thought, “Oh, I need to get it.”  Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu has one of those ticks:  The Tale of Genji.  It is a medieval Japanese classics, closely depicting the court life of theContinue reading “Ink Review: Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu”