Thesis Thursday + Mini Review on Monami Highlighter

 Reading is a cornerstone of my research and to help absorb and remember the materials, some stationery help is needed. Finding an ideal highlighter can be harder than one expects. Some highlighters has highly saturated color that obstruct the visibility of the text. Some highlighters are wetter than others which may cause unintentionally smear. TheContinue reading “Thesis Thursday + Mini Review on Monami Highlighter”

Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput EF

  Awhile back I won this little jewel from a generous contest hosted by Ivan (@Ivan_Ro_).  The pen has been on my wanted list for sometime now but I was hesitant in getting one because of its size, as seen below:   I feel stealthy, just like 007. It looks like a little silver bullet!Continue reading “Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput EF”

Gel Pen Review: Uni-Ball Signo Micro 207

Appearance The first glance of Uni-Ball Signo Micro 207 Retractable is unassuming and the overall design is streamlined and sleek.  The barrel is neither too wide or thin, and the length is standard.  The textured, hard plastic grip helps relieve the tension and fatigue while writing, but does not provide equal support and cushion asContinue reading “Gel Pen Review: Uni-Ball Signo Micro 207”

Pen Review: Pentel Stylo JL30

I am unsure about most of you, but I love receiving mails.  Unfortunately, not many people nowadays devote themselves in exchanging letters, so I receive mostly advertisement flyers, junk mails, and whatnots.  Whenever I receive something meaningful, it lights up my entire day.   I receive one of such mails today.  A package from TigerContinue reading “Pen Review: Pentel Stylo JL30”