Friday Read

Happy belated new year! I hope the new year has treated you well. While perusing the news, I have stumbled upon a photo essay on one of the last pencil factories in America in The New York Times Magazine. Even though pencils are not often featured on this blog, it is an indispensable and constant presence in dailyContinue reading “Friday Read”

Stad T’Gaal Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpening is very nostalgic to me.  Before I abandoned wooden pencils for the supposedly cool mechanical ones, my mother would sharpen all my pencils by blade every night when the bookpack was packed.  For some odd reason, I envied kids with sharpeners that came in various shapes, castles, animals, you name it, without consideringContinue reading “Stad T’Gaal Pencil Sharpener”

100th post giveaway

The goodies It is hardly believable that I have written one hundred review posts, long and short.  I am in a bit shock that I have the perseverance to post my two-cents periodically.  Part of the motivation is from you, the readers, for supporting (and in some way tolerating) the existence of this blog.  AsContinue reading “100th post giveaway”

Pencil Review: Milan Graphite B from RAH

I am a believer that receiving surprising mails and packages will elevate the dopamine level, though I do not have concrete scientific evidence.  One day, I found a small package from Rad and Hungry (RAH) in my mailbox.  Puzzled by it, since I did not recall ordering anything from them, unless I did sleepshop.  When IContinue reading “Pencil Review: Milan Graphite B from RAH”

Pencil Review: Staedtler Wopex HB Pencil

Good thing frequently comes when you least expect it.  I often find sationery goodies at university bookstores that are not easily found elsewhere.  While I peruse through the bookstore, all of the sudden a beam of green light (very much like the one in The Great Gatsby) shining at the display.  When I look closer,Continue reading “Pencil Review: Staedtler Wopex HB Pencil”

Review and Giveaway on Zebra Airfit Mechanical Pencil or What would Mr. Darcy do?

Remember Zebra Airfit Jell I mentioned awhile back?  The pen is impressive insofar as I decide to pick up its counterpart, a mechanical pencil.  The anatomy of the pencil is identical to the pen:  fully functional clip, supportive yet squishy cushion, and brightly colored body.  This particular one that I pick up is in pearlyContinue reading “Review and Giveaway on Zebra Airfit Mechanical Pencil or What would Mr. Darcy do?”

Pencil Review: Orange body Uni-Ball Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil .5mm

Thanks to Lily of JetPens sending me the Kuru Toga pencil for review!  If you need more in-depth information on this lovely item, feel free to check it out here. Writing sample of Kuru Toga.  See how uniform it is? Precision is Kuru Toga’ s specialty.Click to enlarge the picture.  Orange!  The color definitely enhances theContinue reading “Pencil Review: Orange body Uni-Ball Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil .5mm”