Kokuyo Buncobon Notebook

Pens and paper go hand-in-hand.  I have slowly accepted that most paper used in the office will not take fountain pen/ ink well, but whenever I do discover relatively economical paper that are fountain pen friendly, you can imagine how wide the grin stretches across my face. Japanese paper has been surprising me again andContinue reading “Kokuyo Buncobon Notebook”

100th post giveaway

The goodies It is hardly believable that I have written one hundred review posts, long and short.  I am in a bit shock that I have the perseverance to post my two-cents periodically.  Part of the motivation is from you, the readers, for supporting (and in some way tolerating) the existence of this blog.  AsContinue reading “100th post giveaway”

Notebook Review: Rite in the Rain All-Weather Field Book

Thanks to Erin of Rite in the Rain (RITR), I received a Nº 980B-Kit for review several months back.  The chief reason why it took me so long to produce a review is that I was waiting for the raining season in Virginia.  I figure, the storm in VA is usually down pouring cats and dogs.Continue reading “Notebook Review: Rite in the Rain All-Weather Field Book”

Notebook Review: "Keep it Green" Alfabet Recycle Notebook

It can be a bit of oxymoronic to be an environmentally conscious stationery addict, since a plethora of items are made with paper.  Though manufacturers are more conscious about incorporating recycled materials into their products, some products can be more finicky than ones without recycled materials.  Alfabet Recycle Notebooks in fact shatter that stereotypical imageContinue reading “Notebook Review: "Keep it Green" Alfabet Recycle Notebook”

Notebook Review: Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper A5 Notebook

The complete name for this notebook is a bit long:  Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper notebook.  MIO stands for Mobile Ideal Original, implicates the portability of the notebook.  In contrast to brands such as Rhodia and Miquel Rius, this notebook is lightweight and ideal for those of us who just could not do withoutContinue reading “Notebook Review: Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper A5 Notebook”

Notebook Review: Miquelrius Eco Notebook, or How do I celebrate Handwriting Day

After much debate, I decided to do a notebook review to honor the Handwriting Day.  It might not be an official holiday, but for a person who truly enjoy stationery and beautiful handwriting, it may as well be a little celebration.  (Maybe I should buy something to go along with it… haha) I first encounteredContinue reading “Notebook Review: Miquelrius Eco Notebook, or How do I celebrate Handwriting Day”