Hobonichi Techo Archive Campaign

In case you are interested in getting a Hobonichi cover or a backup cover, here is your chance. Hobonichi is running an “Archive Campaign” that features some popular cover choices for 30% off. I am still enamored by my choice last year so I will sit this one out. Who knows whether I will have aContinue reading “Hobonichi Techo Archive Campaign”

No Stationery, No Life

Does that phrase aptly describe you?  If so, head over to Everyday Stationery, a Japanese web-based magazine that features articles on Japanese stationery goods. Even though there are only a handful of articles in English, I am sure the collection will grow given time. For brave souls or those who are well-versed in Japanese, browseContinue reading “No Stationery, No Life”

Kickstarter: CursiveLogic

I have never learned cursive properly.  When I first came to the US, I have passed the age when cursive was taught.  While the objective of English as Second Language classes is to help students becoming fluent in their adoptive language, cursive was not part of it.  Despite that, cursive posed as a curious intellectualContinue reading “Kickstarter: CursiveLogic”

Celebrating National Handwriting Day with Inkly Cards

I have always had trouble bridging the digital and the analog.  While the calendar app on my smartphone is covered in imaginary weeds, my good ol’ paper planner thrives with all types of scribbles.  Though the calculator app is readily there for me to use, I stubbornly balance my check with a pencil and aContinue reading “Celebrating National Handwriting Day with Inkly Cards”

How to Celebrate Fountain Pen Day

  I have been planning this post for some time now, but I could not decide when to post, only realizing that there would not be a better day to share this news with you than today. This past summer, I learned about a handwriting archive called Kaminski Handwriting Collection through, organized and curated by DavidContinue reading “How to Celebrate Fountain Pen Day”

Monk Paper Pocket Lokta Notepad Giveaway (Closed)

Pen Boutique not only sent me the Monk Paper Sketchbook that I have reviewed here, but also this pocket size Lokta notepad, which I will give away to a lucky reader to try! This notepad contains 48 pages of plushy yet lightweight Lokta paper and measures 3.14 inch in width and 4.72 inch in lengthContinue reading “Monk Paper Pocket Lokta Notepad Giveaway (Closed)”