A quick note on Kaweco Perkeo

My one gripe about Kaweco is that almost all models come with stock stainless steel nibs.* Do not get me wrong, I am a proud owner of Lilliput and Ice Sport, but I just wish that some of the “higher” models are differentiated with a nib in different material. Last week, Goulet Pens has a buy oneContinue reading “A quick note on Kaweco Perkeo”

Beginner Fountain Pen: Part II

(This is the second part of my recommendations to fountain pen beginners You may find part 1 here.) 4.  Lamy Al-Star Price:  $34.95-$45 (Al-Star); $22-35 (Safari) This is the first pen I purchased after a long fountain pen hiatus.  The appearance is simple, modern, and sleek.  The nib, thankfully, does the appearance justice.  The mediumContinue reading “Beginner Fountain Pen: Part II”

Fountain Pen Review: Stipula Passaporto Blue Sky

I came across both the brand and the pen at the DC Supershow last year.  Since it was my first time attending a fountain pen show, I was a bit overwhelmed by the surrounding and the ambiance. While walking aimlessly, a leaf logo caught my eyes that I could not identify.  Approaching the table, IContinue reading “Fountain Pen Review: Stipula Passaporto Blue Sky”

Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput EF

  Awhile back I won this little jewel from a generous contest hosted by Ivan (@Ivan_Ro_).  The pen has been on my wanted list for sometime now but I was hesitant in getting one because of its size, as seen below:   I feel stealthy, just like 007. It looks like a little silver bullet!Continue reading “Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput EF”