Eraser Review: Pentel Ain Clic Eraser

Other than curiosity, I bought this click eraser to make up the fact that there is no eraser component for the Uni-Ball Style Fit. Its compact size fits in most pencil pouches, yet comfortable to hold.  Most click erasers I had in the past were cylindrical in shape, Pentel Ain Clic eraser is triangular thatContinue reading “Eraser Review: Pentel Ain Clic Eraser”

100th post giveaway

The goodies It is hardly believable that I have written one hundred review posts, long and short.  I am in a bit shock that I have the perseverance to post my two-cents periodically.  Part of the motivation is from you, the readers, for supporting (and in some way tolerating) the existence of this blog.  AsContinue reading “100th post giveaway”

Eraser review: Iwako Zoo Novelty Eraser Giraffe

I recently received a sample selected at random from JetPens.  To my surprised, I found this cute little fellow in the package: Giraffe does not need to have a long neck to be cute. A giraffe eraser by Iwako!  I have zero immunity to anything cuddly and adorable, so it is delightful to receive itContinue reading “Eraser review: Iwako Zoo Novelty Eraser Giraffe”