De Atramentis Dianthus

  Here comes the first post in a search for that perfect purple.  De Atramentis Dianthus in the strictest sense is not purple, but a magenta with a bit of purple hue.  It has sticking resemblance to Rohrer and Klingner’s Solferino; the difference lies is Dianthus is a mangenta with more pink, while Solferino withContinue reading “De Atramentis Dianthus”

In the Mood for Purple

Purple is my favorite color for as long as I can remember.  In this context, receiving a batch of purple ink to test out is almost a gift from above.  Since this friend is interested in finding a particular shade of purple, having swabs as reference would be helpful.  All ink names are written withContinue reading “In the Mood for Purple”

De Atramentis Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) by De Atramentis gives a very feminine aura, which I found conflicting with the historical portrayal of la Pucelle, the Maiden.  Initially, I assume the ink color is not suitable for daily usage because the swatch appears very light; in contrary, because it dries a tad darker I can envisionContinue reading “De Atramentis Jeanne d’Arc”

Ink Review: De Atramentis Gingerbread

Many stationery enthusiasts describe their favorite inks as delectable.  De Atramentis Gingerbread, though unfit for consumption, does trigger olfactory and sennsory responses.  If you like warm and toasty cinnamon scent, this ink will be ideal for you. Interested in getting one?  Head over to Goulet Pens to check out their great selections of De Atramentis inks.

Ink Review: De Atramentis Beethoven

De Atramentis inks attract a wide variety of people with diverse series of inks.  One of the lines that often caught my eyes is the historic people series because I wonder how does De Atramentis determine who gets what color?  The Baker picked up Beethoven out of appreciation for his work being a classicly trainedContinue reading “Ink Review: De Atramentis Beethoven”

Ink Review: Iroshizuku Ku-jaku

While tidying up my bottles of ink, I also discovered that I had plenty of ink samples.  One of my goals before I purchased another full-size bottle was to use up some of the samples I have accumulated.  Ever since my pleasant experience with Caran d’Ache’s Caribbean Blue, I wanted to look for another shadeContinue reading “Ink Review: Iroshizuku Ku-jaku”

Ink Review: De Atramentis Plum Blue

Sometime I have absolutely no clue on how I encounter some of the ink brands.  De Atramentis, for example, is one I can no longer recall.  I might have seen it on Art Brown International Pen Shop’s website, and searched the brand on the web.  Several elements of ink grasped my attention; one being itContinue reading “Ink Review: De Atramentis Plum Blue”