J. Herbin 1670 Encre Rouge Hematite

It appears that majority of the ink I have reviewed is by J. Herbin.  I would say it is the mystique of J. Herbin’s background that allures me to try it out.  The idea that J. Herbin as a sailor traveled to India and was inspired by India Ink fascinates me.  Moreover, an ink companyContinue reading “J. Herbin 1670 Encre Rouge Hematite”

J. Herbin Scented Ink Part II: Rose Red

At this point  you may ponder, “ink is ink, what is so fascinated about it?”  Just like any other objects, there are stories behind all ink, especially the ones that follow time-tested formula.  Using ink just gives a piece of writing more depth and more thought. This piece is the second part to J. HerbinContinue reading “J. Herbin Scented Ink Part II: Rose Red”

J. Herbin Encres Parfumées Part I– Apple Green

Apparently doing ink review is quite addictive!  I have known the existence of scented ink for sometimes, but I was not sure whether I want to try it out for a good reason:  I am very selective on scent.  Sometime I am overcome by some floral undertone in perfume, so I was a bit worriedContinue reading “J. Herbin Encres Parfumées Part I– Apple Green”