Pen Review: Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto

I have tendency to put too many items in my purse, especially pens.  I have a roll pencil case from Saki Collection in my purse at all time, and my difficulty has been rolling up the case neatly, without looking bulged.  As you can imagine, I put too many pens in it.  A stationery addict’sContinue reading “Pen Review: Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto”

Notebook Review: Miquelrius Eco Notebook, or How do I celebrate Handwriting Day

After much debate, I decided to do a notebook review to honor the Handwriting Day.  It might not be an official holiday, but for a person who truly enjoy stationery and beautiful handwriting, it may as well be a little celebration.  (Maybe I should buy something to go along with it… haha) I first encounteredContinue reading “Notebook Review: Miquelrius Eco Notebook, or How do I celebrate Handwriting Day”

Ink Review: Caran d’Ache Storm

By now, it must be puzzling on why I am reviewing yet another Caran d’Ache.  I guess that Caribbean Blue really leaves an impression on me.  Another element of attraction is that I wouldn’t necessarily associate purple with storm, so I would like to see just how stormy this purple is. Properties wise, it isContinue reading “Ink Review: Caran d’Ache Storm”

Notebook review: Mood Journal

My little affair with stationery started with notebooks.  I remembered I was always fascinated by notebooks, no matter what type they were.  The primary school I went to actually supplied notebooks for Chinese block writing and math (they were only different by rules.  The one for character practice were in squares that is similar toContinue reading “Notebook review: Mood Journal”

Fountain Pen Review: Pelikan M205 Duo Review

If you ever ask me, “how do you determine your next fountain pen?”, I will probably shrug.  Since I was pampered by my mom in the fountain pen department, I never had to make a choice on which one to buy.  Besides, fountain pens do not go bad (unless you have butter fingers and letContinue reading “Fountain Pen Review: Pelikan M205 Duo Review”

Ink Review: De Atramentis Plum Blue

Sometime I have absolutely no clue on how I encounter some of the ink brands.  De Atramentis, for example, is one I can no longer recall.  I might have seen it on Art Brown International Pen Shop’s website, and searched the brand on the web.  Several elements of ink grasped my attention; one being itContinue reading “Ink Review: De Atramentis Plum Blue”