Friday Read

When I encounter articles that mentioned stationery stores back home, my heart usually skips a couple beats. Taiwan, very similar to Japan, is a stationery paradise. Here, Junee Lim of Alt. Haven wrote about a well-known fountain pen store, which I happened to stumble upon several years back. My little sojourn to stationery shops inContinue reading “Friday Read”

A quick note on Kaweco Perkeo

My one gripe about Kaweco is that almost all models come with stock stainless steel nibs.* Do not get me wrong, I am a proud owner of Lilliput and Ice Sport, but I just wish that some of the “higher” models are differentiated with a nib in different material. Last week, Goulet Pens has a buy oneContinue reading “A quick note on Kaweco Perkeo”

2018 Hobonichi Pre-release Announcement

How is everyone's progress on the choice planner this year? In case you are jumping on the wagon for a Hobonichi in 2018 or just curious of which covers would be part of the line-up, check out this link (sorry for the late notice on my part!). Hobonichi will unveil one cover a day untilContinue reading “2018 Hobonichi Pre-release Announcement”

Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst

Late winter/early spring is probably one of the most anticipated time for fountain pen lovers. Lamy usually announces its limited edition Safari and Al-Star, various brands broadcast new products/lines, and new paper goods also start to surface. Pelikan is not an exception. Around this time, it announces its ink of the year. What makes theContinue reading “Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst”