A quick note on Kaweco Perkeo

My one gripe about Kaweco is that almost all models come with stock stainless steel nibs.* Do not get me wrong, I am a proud owner of Lilliput and Ice Sport, but I just wish that some of the “higher” models are differentiated with a nib in different material. Last week, Goulet Pens has a buy one get one 50% off offer on Kaweco Perkeo, which I could not resist. Against my better judgement, I got two in Cotton Candy, a soft pink and warm taupe gray combination. Besides Cotton Candy, other color choices are: Chambray (white and teal), Bad Taste (black and hot pink; is it not a wonderful name? :)), and Indian Summer (mustard yellow and black).

I notice some subtle differences between Perkeo and Ice Sport. Even though both pens are made of plastic, Perkeo’s material is matte. Instead of a screw-on cap, Perkeo has a snap-on one. The faceted cap facilitates removal of the cap, as one can get a better grip on it than a round and smooth one. On Perkeo, the brand name is not stamped on like the one for Ice Sport, but probably done by injection molding. The raised lettering can withstand further wear and tear. As you can see in the picture below, the the imprinted brand is rubbed off on Ice Sport because of time. Another noticeable difference is the barrel. Perkeo, on one hand, has a faceted body similar to the cap, but with more facets. Ice Sport, on the other hand, has a cylindrical body. Personally I prefer the faceted one because it does not roll off the table as easily as the cylindrical one (can you tell I am accident prone?)



The grip section of Perkeo is very similar to Lamy Safari and Al-Star, where the two concaved sections on the side is where one can rest the thumb and index finger. This set-up can seem unnatural to some, depending on how one holds the pen, but it feels pretty comfortable. It is evident that Perkeo is full-size pen; hence the longer grip section, but it also means that this pen can be comfortable for those with larger hands as well. While using it, I also feel that it could be a suitable first pen for youngsters who start dabbling in fountain pen, as the pen body seems to be sturdy to withand any roughing.


Another difference that I have observe is the tip of the nib. It seems that Ice Sport has more tipping material than Perkeo, as seen in the picture below:


So far, the less is doing more. Perkeo writes smoother than Ice Sport and needless to say, I am please with my acquisition.

Some may not think much of the aesthetic of Perkeo, but I have found this chubby pen endearing. Girth wise, it is wider than Ice Sport but it is not so cumbersome to small hands. It may be too “plasticky” for some, but I can see that this pen will be one of my daily go-to.

You can purchase Perkeo at the following fine stores:

I am not affiliated with any of the stores listed above. Only recommending them as a satisfied customer!

Have you made any new discovery recently?

*Kaweco does have replacement nibs in 14K gold, but I believe all stock nibs are in steel.


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