Hobonichi 2017

It is never too early/late to plan.  My incessant debate over which planner to use for the following year begins as early as June, almost around the same time as when Hobonichi rolls out various announcements on its exciting offers for the coming year.

Check out the 2017 line up here.  The webstore will open September 1, 2016 at 11AM Japan time (August 31 at 3PM UTC).  Use this converter to calculate the release time in your time zone.

To see in-person photos of the 2017 planners, visit Hobonichi’s Facebook page.

Which one has caught your eyes?

8 thoughts on “Hobonichi 2017

    1. Did the layout work out for you? I slowly realize the importance of layout, since some may work better to your workflow than others. I have thought about using Midori Weekly insert instead of Weeks, but after looking at my old one, Weeks may work better after all, despite that both have quality paper and nicely designed.


    1. I thought about reviving my TN, but I did not like the format of the Free Weekly Diary. It does not have as many note pages as Weeks. For the A6 cover, I cannot take my eyes off Lapis. That may be the cover for next year 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for letting us know.
    Some of the covers are really expensive. I liked last year’s covers more – that red and black Scottish cover was really handsome…


    1. I agree on the price. I think, though, Hobonichi is trying to standardize the shopping experiences between Japanese and English storefront and they are pushing for the “bundle” (planner+cover) deal more so this year. The cover you have gotten is gorgeous, so I would not think there is a need for a new one. Will you continue with Hobonichi next year?


  2. The cover I have is nice, but that Scottish one has more space to store things inside, so I’m tempted.
    So far I love the Hobonichi, but I’ve only used or in summer,when work is not too busy. In a month I’ll see how suitable it is for busy periods at work.


    1. I do not think I have yet figured out how to use Hobonichi more efficiently. Perhaps I am just not an efficient person in general 😉 My other dilemma is that since I tend to use Techo as a quasi-scrapbook, the book becomes heavier as days go by so it may not be practical for me to take it around. It would be nice, though, to have just one instead of two planners

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