I am resurfacing from my long blogging hiatus.  The second half of last year was anything but boring, fully packed with events and projects.  In the midst of projects and deadlines, I still managed to get inky fingers and sneak in a bit of time for stationery perusing, which can be detected in my final project for my last class in the Library Science program:


The class I was taking was Information Architecture that talks about organization of information in an accessible way for the intended audience for websites.  Since I did not have too much time to indulge in my hobbies, I combine them with my work.  Sneaky, huh?

Thankfully the project did not ask for a fully functional site; otherwise, I would perish in the midst of figuring out codes and HTML tags.  Instead, I did a blueprint/prototype of an imaginary site, with taskflow and mobile interfaces.  Overall, it was fun (I get to look up pens and profile some likely users for this imaginary site) and rewarding (I finished my degree!)

Here are some additional pages that go with the main page:

a navigation page


A destination page.  Can you tell what I was thinking at the time?


Advanced search

Hopefully I will publish more substantial content soon.  Until then!


6 thoughts on “Hello Again

    1. Thanks to my very limited web editing skills, I have finally had it with Blogger. In fact, I have this WordPress one for awhile, just to do some platform shopping and testing. Thank you for the congratulatory greeting. How is settling at your new place?


      1. I did see the plug-in while searching for an easily understood 301 redirect, but the current conundrum is I am unsure which portion of the code belongs to the template I use for Blogger. I took a stab at it with no avail. More research is needed.


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