MB Twilight Blue

Montblanc (MB) Meisterstück Blue Hour Twilight Blue baffled me at first.  Besides a relatively long name, I cannot quite pinpoint which shade of blue it is.  After I revealed its “true color,” I become mesmerized by the shade, as enigmatic as blue hour of the day.

A little bit about the ink:
  • Color:  blue with teal undertone
  • Volume:  30 ml
  • Price:  $17*
The packaging of this ink is standard for most other Montblanc fountain pen ink:  simplistic outer package that contains a substantial glass inkwell.  I am rather taken by the geometric pattern printed on the packaging, make it an ideal gift even without wrapping paper.
The shading of this ink is rather subtle and more revealing if a broader nib is used.  In effect, I did not discover the teal undertone until I performed a wash test (more obvious with multiple washes).  It is a calming and serene blue on paper that renders the ink appropriate for business purpose, but the tint of teal with a bit of red edge makes the color more nuanced.  Very similar to the surprising and decadent ganache hidden underneath the seemingly plain dark chocolate.
Twilight blue behaves very well with different types of paper, even with standard printing paper.  There is no bleed through on premium paper and very minimal on normal paper.
At first, Twilight Blue reminded me a bit like Montblanc JFK because of the slightly gray tint, but when scrutinizing the shade further, JFK leans toward purple, while Twilight has a nice subtle green.  The hue also reminds me of Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo.  Unfortunately I do not have Tsuki-yo handy for a side-by-side comparison, but I surmise the two would belong to similar color group.


Twilight Blue is a good choice if:

  • You are looking for a professional looking yet fun color
  • You need an alternative from royal blue or blue black
Unit price wise, Twilight leans on a higher side (approximately $0.57/ml), 30 ml is a good size for those who have an assortment of ink and feeling that there is always one less bottle.  If you are unsure whether this is a good color for you, Twilight is also available as cartridges.

*price listed at Pen Boutique, accessed August 2, 2015.

This ink is graciously provided by Pen Boutique.  I was not compensated monetarily for composing this review and all opinions expressed here are entirely mine.


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