Here comes the first post in a search for that perfect purple.  De Atramentis Dianthus in the strictest sense is not purple, but a magenta with a bit of purple hue.  It has sticking resemblance to Rohrer and Klingner’s Solferino; the difference lies is Dianthus is a mangenta with more pink, while Solferino with more purple.


Similar to other De Atramentis ink, Dianthus is not waterproof.  With one wash, most words in a sentence are somewhat legible.  With 2 washes, the content of the sentence is close to illegible.  While this property would not be desirable to novelists, for example, as one drop from condensation of a drink can obliterate one’s magnum opus; it can be highly desirable to those who use fountain pen ink for painting or craft purposes.  The effect of ink wash is quite nice, as seen above, as water lifts layers of colors.


In general, it is best to couple De Atramentis ink with fountain pen friendly paper to prevent feathering, though feathering can still happen.  Feathering can be a rather complex problem that goes beyond paper, ink, and pen.  I would suggest to test on the paper that you will use before seeing small feet start to crawl out of your writing.


Last note about Dianthus, it is a scented ink.  The fragrance is rather faint compare to De Atramentis Plum Blue.  Sadly, the scent is not long lasting for the recipients to enjoy the experience, as it fades as soon as one finishes writing the word.

This ink would be ideal for you if you are:

  • looking for an economical ink with consistent performance (between $0.28 to $0.37/ml)*
  • searching for magenta ink with purple tint (and that you do not have Solferino already)
  • preferring ink with some but not dramatic amount of shading
  • enjoying a faint floral scent while writing
*calculate based on Goulet Pens‘ listed price, accessed July 27, 2015

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