Sakura Arch Foam Eraser


For as long as I can remember, I always have an obsession with erasers.  At one point during my elementary school days, I have always have a whole drawer full of Sanrio erasers (by the way, they are not only cute, but also erase graphite rather effortlessly).  Even though I do not use pencils as often as before, having a good eraser around saves the possibility of leaving awkward smudges on paper.

Sakura Arch foam eraser piques my interest because of the “arch” in the name.  According to JetPens’ description, the arch is referring to light green part of the sleeve, indicating where one should hold the eraser.  The placement of the arch is beyond the breaking point of the eraser; hence, make the eraser more resistant to breakage.


These bumps that are embossed onto the sleeve, making the eraser easier to hold and letting one know where to hold.


One commonly encountered situation on a bar eraser is that the sleeve usually drag as the eraser gets smaller.  Arch eraser solves the problem by having perforated segments, so one can easier remove the excess sleeve.


Unlike other foam erasers I have used in the past, the body of the eraser does not gather eraser dust.  As seen in the photo below, Arch eraser has a thin plastic-like shiny part on the body, very similar to the one seen on Tomboy Mono.  The both is smooth by touch, and the shiny part does wear off with use.

One thing I really like about this eraser is the dust gathering property.  As one erases, the dust gather into small pieces of string, which made cleaning up easy and leave the desktop less messy.


How does Arch erases?  Comparing to Pentel Ain Clic, Arch erases a bit more completely.  With HB grade, both erasers are comparable, but with softer and darker graphite markings, such as the one made by Palomino Blackwing, Arch erases more thoroughly without spreading the graphite beyond where the writing is.

Eraser testing
Sakura Arch foam eraser can be purchased at JetPens
Is there an eraser that is indispensable in your arsenal?
I am not affiliated with JetPens professionally or personally; the link is shared only as a happy customer!  

4 thoughts on “Sakura Arch Foam Eraser

  1. Cool eraser! I recall fondly a past life where I was an office supply buyer and buying thousands of the old school standby big Pinks. That's what we called them anyway. Performance was always marginal but they worked and for the pennies a piece we paid for them I guess they always passed as acceptable. I have used a few good erasers and wow what a difference! These days just don't do much pencil work but I appreciate the read.


  2. Sorry for my late reply! A good eraser can save you a lot of headaches and griefs. When I first came to the United States, I have always wondered why the Pink Pearle is so popular, despite its borderline quality. Eraser quality has always been important to me, as the grading of the assignment is not just the completeness, but also the overall presentation. I have been lectured on how I did not erase the graphite completely before writing over!
    Thanks for your comment!


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