Currently Inked
Ink and pen rotation is something that has not been featured here for awhile.  This would be something little that I can do between readings to make up for the rather erratic and irregular blogging intervals.  
One thing that strikes me of this rotation is the variety of width.  I specifically ink a flex and a wider italic for the two turquoise to see the shading and the sheen, which is also the case for Sailor Jentle Tokiwa matsu.  Platinum Preppy with extra fine nib is a new favorite.  The fine line is especially complimentary to those who write small and those who do detailed drawings.  Lamy coral cartridge surprises me with a golden glow and I have to say, I usually am not drawn to pink, but this year might be the exception.  Lastly, Sailor Jentle Apricot still has its capacity to bring smile on my face.  
A special note needs to be made about the paper.  It is called Dr. Thomas Mann Schreibblock (note pad) by Franz Anton Prantl based in Munich, Germany.  This company exists since 1797 and allegedly, the famous German writer Thomas Mann had used this paper exclusively.  It is probably one of the most fabulous paper that I have used and thanks to my very thoughtful friend, Marianne, who became intrigued about the company after reading a newspaper feature about it.  It was surely a nice birthday surprise.  Thank you, Marianne!  
By the way, please let me know if you would like to see a brief overview on any of the paper, pen, or ink featured in this post!
What about you, my dear readers.  Have you acquired any intriguing and enamoring goodies recently?  


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