I have never learned cursive properly.  When I first came to the US, I have passed the age when cursive was taught.  While the objective of English as Second Language classes is to help students becoming fluent in their adoptive language, cursive was not part of it.  Despite that, cursive posed as a curious intellectual challenge for me at that time.  I would stare at the cursive script printed on the back of an exercise book and painstakingly and awkwardly mimicked all the loops that seemed humanly impossible yet so fluidly flying across the pages.

Regardless whether one believes there are value and benefit learning cursive, it is a form of art that could promote hand-eye coordination and train fine motor skills.  Learning cursive does not need to be as discursive as the way I have learned it.  If you are interesting learning, relearning, or teaching someone on cursive, check out a Kickstarter project called CursiveLogic that offers a systematic and comprehensive way to tackle this seemingly daunting process.


3 thoughts on “Kickstarter: CursiveLogic

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I often find my e and i interchangeable and mangled. If I scribble, sometimes it is beyond illegible. It is still interesting to me that there is a standardized cursive, which is absent in Chinese unless you are doing calligraphy.


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