I have always had trouble bridging the digital and the analog.  While the calendar app on my smartphone is covered in imaginary weeds, my good ol’ paper planner thrives with all types of scribbles.  Though the calculator app is readily there for me to use, I stubbornly balance my check with a pencil and a pad.  There is something magical about writing.  How the tip of the pencil touches the paper, how soothing the sound of pencil writing is, and how mysteriously I tend to remember things I have jotted down rather than typed.  

Though I am old fashioned, I do not think the two are antagonistic.  A nifty app called Inkly Cards combines the convenience of technology with the personal touch of sending postcards and greeting cards straight from your smartphone.  Developed by Lee Hawkins and Peter Ryder in 2012, Inkly Cards is targeting those who want to maintain that personal touch in their busy life.  The app does so by allowing one to make personal postcards or greeting cards with the photos taken on their smartphone, along with a picture of one’s own handwriting.  The company then will print and send out the card on your behalf (including postage!) to anywhere in the world, priced at $1.49 for postcards and $3.99 for greeting cards.  

Simple interface, very similar to most photo editing apps
Log-in with your Facebook account to receive reminders on your loved ones’ birthdays.
There are different templates and filters to customize your outgoing postcards/cards 
This app would be especially ideal for those who are traveling and want to send postcards to loved ones, but just cannot find a good selection of them.  This service allows you to create your own postcards, can save you from a mailbox hunting, as well as a trip to the local post office. It will also be a good alternative for the upcoming InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month) in February.


You can also track the progress of the correspondence

To commemorate this year’s National Handwriting Day, Inkly Cards has teamed up with Campaign with Cursive to encourage every to send a handwritten card.  Interested?  Hit the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android to find out more for yourself!


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