This is an ink review since a long time!  Not that I stop liking ink, but more like there are too many to write about.

When I first saw Mont Blanc JFK ink, I immediately thought of the JFK Memorial in Dallas, Texas.  The outer packaging is without bells and whistles, just simply stated.  The navy blue, according to Mont Blanc’s site, is chosen because of JFK’s passion in yachting or navigation in general.

Outer package
Substantial and elegant inkwell
The opening of the inkwell will accommodate fountain pens of various sizes
See tint of purple hidden in the blue?

The inkwell is quite magnificent in comparison’s to its simple and clean outer package.  Made with glass, it is a bottle that you would want to save and store other ink with once you are done.  Its presence give an executive air to my humble desk.
The mouth opening of the jar is wide enough to accommodate fountain pens of all girth.  The heavy glass bottom adds stability and prevents tipping during the fill.

Mont Blanc JFK
When it comes to ink, being adventurous in color has been my motto.  Back in elementary school days, black and blue were pretty much the two colors that we were allowed to use, let alone magenta and turquoise.  Then again, not all circumstances allow such liberty in colorful expression, which render these two colors essential.  Mont Blanc JFK is definitely a possible essential shade.  The adjective that comes to mind while writing with this ink is “presidential” with its subtly and formal air.  First contact with the paper, the ink appears navy blue, but as it dries, the gray undertone starts to show, as the above scan image also showed.

However, the residual ink underneath the inkwell cap tells a different story.   As you can see in the above picture, the purple is hiding beneath the blue.  The purple hue, in my observation, usually presents itself in the shading of the ink, which I did not expect to have.  The nuances give some liveliness to the color, besides the majestic aura that the color projected.

One of the complaints that I have about Mont Blanc ink is that the ones I have used in the past (Mont Blanc Lavender Purple, Irish Green, and standard black) are all very selective on paper, so I would expect the same with JFK.  To my surprise, it fares very well with all paper I have tested on, including regular 20 lb printing paper.  That is actually quite amazing, which means that no embarrassing feathering would happen, should one sign important documents with it.

The drying time on the testing page a bit long, but probably because of its satin surface.  On regular printing paper, the drying time is quick in comparison so the lefties won’t need to worry about smearing the text.

The ink bottle is priced at $19 for 30ml bottle.  In my opinion, the color does not match the name, especially when comparing to other blue black ink, such as the one from Sailor.  The inkwell, on the other hand, is a bonus of this ink, since I can always already seeing myself filling it with other ink.  In all, this color is a toss for me.  It is a very work friendly and safe color, but not one that I will associate with fun and merry-making.

Do you have a favorite work friendly color?

This bottle of Mont Blanc JFK is provided by Pen Boutique for review purpose.  Pen Boutique is a Maryland-based vendor who also carry fine writing instrument, stationery, and accessories.  Besides the generous sample, I did not receive additional monetary compensation for writing this review.  All opinions expressed in this post are entirely mine.  


3 thoughts on “Montblanc JFK Fountain Pen Ink

  1. A lovely color of ink 🙂 I'm lucky enough that I don't have to use only “business appropiate” inks at my office. I signed my contract with Diamine Soft Mint lol. But when I need to get “serious” the most I can do is Sailor Jently Sky High. I've been thinking about getting Verdigris though, I think it'd look pretty in a broad nib.

    I love that Montblanc releases inks so often, it's one of the only brands of ink I can get in my country so it's always interesting to see their LE ink when I take trips to Santiago or I ask my sister to bring me a bottle. I look forward to be able to shop for them myself 🙂


  2. Have I not sent you a sample of Verdigris? Let me know if you are interested in one. As for Mont Blanc ink, I have this love and hate relationship with it for awhile. Color wise, some of them are not unique enough, in my opinion.


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