Hobonichi Techo follow-up

It is planner season again.  How fast has this year passed!  I thought this would be a great time to review on I have used the Hobonichi Techo that I have shared at the beginning of the year.  Does it worth the hype?

Just as a note, I do not use planner in an orthodox way because I am pretty bad at using planner for its intended purpose, such as planning (and pre-planning), jogging down to-do list, and appointment, though I have gotten better with this particular planner.  Instead, I am using it as a quasi practice book, scrapbook, and of course, as a semi-planner.  As I have mentioned before, the paper that is used in Hobonichi planner is the famed Tomoe River paper, hence, extremely tolerant to all types of fountain pen ink.  Because of how much this paper can take, I have been pushing the boundary a bit.  For example, I have tested out a new gouache with a dip nib, as well as watercolor pencils.  Besides minor buckling, there is no bleed through or feathering in any form.  It is good to mention that Tomoe River paper is thin, any pressure placed on writing will leave an imprint.  To mitigate this problem, one can place a plastic sheet or mat underneath to avoid any imprint or carbon transfer, if you would use a pencil.

I copied a recipe in an unused portion of the page.  Can anyone guess which recipe is it?
Adding elegant postage from a thoughtful friend to brighten up the pages


More the better!



Colorful additions for days spent at a library conference



I do use planner for serious business, albeit so occasionally.  Here, I was keeping track of viable sources for a research project in Korean



Here, I used the two days of blank pages to lament Cristina Yang leaving Grey’s Anatomy



This little guy keeps track of all the books I would like to read.. eventually


Keep track of different projects in the monthly planning pages

I am definitely not a devoted user who plan out every single day; there are times when you are afraid to see how much to need to be finished.  I used those blank pages to practice to do penmanship and calligraphy practices since the paper is too nice to go to waste.Of course, I still utilize some functions of a planner, such as keeping track of due dates and deadlines.  Since each page has a center divider, I often keep personal due dates (school, home) on one side, and work on the other.  To emphasize the due dates for different classes, different styles of page markers are used.I have used several different types of planner before Hobonichi and there is always something about the planner that I am not satisfied with.  If there is one advantage about Hobonichi is its open format/space that is suitable for any types of journaling/planning/lifestyle.  The thin and accommodating paper is fountain pen fans and artists’ dream, but of course, the original intention is to keep the planner portable, light, and laying flat 180 degree.  In my case, I totally destroy that well-intention by stuffing various pieces of memories on these pages.  As a result, the planner has progressively become heavier in the messenger bag.So what is my planner next year?  Because my hand tends to fall off the pages on Techo, I have elected to try Cousin, which is size A5 (14.8cm x 21cm; 5.83 inch x 8.27 inch).  That is roughly double of Techo, which is in A6.  So far, the larger format has more hand room and my writing becomes ever so minuscule as well.  I have also chosen the two-volume “Avec” version, so I will not need to carry whole year worth of time with me at all time.  I will let you know how it goes!What is your favorite planner this year?  Have a happy new year!

5 thoughts on “Hobonichi Techo follow-up

  1. Hi and happy new year! It's amazing to see Korean in these pages. I also love your italic calligraphy. I'm starting on my first Hobonichi Planner this year and I agree that the best way to use up the pages is to treat it as a sort of freeform notebook 🙂 Maybe I'll get the larger size next year too? -Sola


  2. Happy New Year (and planner)! I love the *idea* of planners but I can't never use them for their purpose and end up looking sad and empty in my desk. I decided to stop buying them for this reason, and I use my journal as a kind of scrapbook/mash book hybrid. I do enjoy seeing what you do in your planer from IG, looking forward to see what this year holds for you 🙂


  3. Happy belated new year! The Korean Hangul is like chicken scratch, since I do not know the language. Apologies for butchering it! Hobonichi is great in that there is not a set way to do it. Perhaps other planners have allowed it as well, just that I have not discovered it 😉 The additional space helps with the hand placement when you do calligraphy practices. Maybe I am just hallucinating, but my hand kept falling off when I had Techo and I have pretty small hands!
    Best wishes in 2015!


  4. Planner is one of those “necessities” that I need to constantly justify, as you can see how I use it. Writing things and thoughts down are more effective than pure memorization, as my memory has become faulty and selective. I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed the planner related posts on IG; there are so many other creative uses as well!


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