Fountain Pen Day

I have been planning this post for some time now, but I could not decide when to post, only realizing that there would not be a better day to share this news with you than today.

This past summer, I learned about a handwriting archive called Kaminski Handwriting Collection through, organized and curated by David Kaminski from a friend.  David, a handwriting enthusiast, intends to provide a public forum to share and learn about different types of handwriting from a different time.  In a way, this project is to maintain a history of people’s handwriting.  The goal of this archive is not to showcase handwriting that is aesthetically appealing, but to preserve handwriting, something that starts to falter in our society, regardless of form and beauty.  My interpretation of this project is that it could be plausible to use handwriting as an angle to gauge a particular time period, especially when handwriting can say much about a person, and to a certain extent where a person is from, given that in some countries, handwriting is comparatively uniform than the education curriculum in the United States. Recalling my more active letter writing days, a letter written by a pen pal from Belarus is drastically different than a friend from Germany.

What would be a better to use the new addition that you acquired on the Fountain Pen Day than using it to compose a small writing sample to submit to this archive?  Here is a simple guideline for a writing sample:

  • It can be in any written form (i.e. print, cursive, italic, Spencerian).  In other words, it can be in the form that speaks to you.
  • The content must be family friendly.
  • Make a note to the media you are using.  Paper, ink, nib size.  The usual fountain pen nerd details 🙂
Options to submit your sample:
  • Scan your sample with 600 dpi resolution as a PDF file.
  • If you do not have a scanner, take a nice shot of it with your smart phone camera.
E-Mail it to David as an attachment.  Of course, you are more welcome to submit more than one!

Here is a small sample I have submitted to the archive:

Fountain Pen Day Italic

If this project interests you and you would like to submit a writing sample, leave a comment on this entry so I can let David know approximately how many samples he will be getting.  As far as I understood, this is a one-man project and I would like to help him in some small ways.  Please spread the words to those whom you know might be interested.

Want to find out more of this project?  Please visit

Enjoy this fabulous day!  Share and spread your passion of fountain pens with others!

2 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Fountain Pen Day

  1. Happy fountain pen day Shangching! Although for us pen nerds, isn't most days FP Day? 😉 I wish I could have participated in the deals for today but sadly I can't. I'm saving up for a big, yet undetermined, pen. The project you share sounds very interesting. I just spent a long time looking through the different samples they already have. It seems like there are many types of handwriting as people who write (even more, considering our way to write continually evolves!).


  2. Handwriting is absolutely fascinating and it is warranted for further studying. It is always interesting to see how one person's handwriting morphed, but it is also curious to see how handwriting is taught differently throughout the world. It is possible to deduce where a person comes from judging by handwriting. English writing of most Japanese are identical; most Asians don't dot the “i”; instead, they wrote down this long slanted dash. You should look into participating to add diversity to the collection!


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