Fountain pens by Faber-Castell always give me a sense of aloofness.  For one, it is owned by a count who did quite a bit of live demonstration to attest the quality of his products.  Two, the presentation of Faber-Castell fountain pens is always exquisite in pen shops I have visited. When I first saw Faber-Castell Basic, though I can still feel the finesse from the presentation and the craftsmanship of the pen, the overall design is younger at heart.

Here are some details on Basic:

  • Length (capped):  19.05 cm; 7.5 inch
  • Length (uncapped):  14 cm; 5.51 inch
  • Weight: 28g; 1 oz.
  • Filling System:  International standard cartridge (included) or converter (sold separately)
  • Nib Material:  Stainless steel
  • Nib Sizes:  B, M, F
  • Finish available:  Carbon Fibre, mother of pearl, and leather

First Impression


The packaging is clean and simple.  The small leatherette handle adds finesse to the overall presentation, so it is ready to be gifted for any occasions.  Of course, if you are like me who hang on every single next box that comes by, you will definitely have trouble letting this one go.



When I first opened the box, I see this interesting tag attached to the pen clip, indicating the nib size, as it was not marked on the outer box.  It is sort of handy and easy to reaffirm that you are receiving what you are getting.


The matte rubber cap bears the Faber-Castell mark along with its logo.  The matte texture helps with uncapping, so one’s grip will not slip.  Though I do not have the habit of using the pen clip, this particular clip has a pretty good grip that exceeds the mere cosmetic aspect of the pen.

The Carbon Fibre finish appears very masculine to me; in fact, it reminds me of a sports car for carbon fibre is a pretty common material.  This model also comes in pearl of mother finish, which has more of a feminine appeal.


This pen is also lengthier and heavier than most other fountain pens I have.  Usually I prefer to post the cap, but in this case, I would leave the cap off; otherwise, one would wind up with a Harry Potter wand, with the risk of jabbing one’s own chin.  Moreover, the pen feels unbalanced when capped.


The stainless steel nib reminds me of the ventilation part of a helm.  Very befitting for Faber-Castell’s emblem of two jousting knights.


A fountain pen is pretty, but its beauty will fade quickly if its performance does not match up.  One good thing about Faber-Castell Basic is that it writes like butter.  As an European fine, it is expected to be thicker than Japanese fine, but the fluidity and smoothness is unparalleled.  The writing experience reminded me of the first time I inked my Pelikan M205Duo.  Even though it only has a stainless steel nib, the smoothness would make one believe that it has a gold nib.  Basic also writes wet, which enhances the overly smoothness of the writing experience.  The ribbed grip section is made with the same matte rubber as the cap, and is comfortable to hold.  Anything I do not like about this pen?  It might be a heavier pen overall, though the body itself is very balance.  I was hoping a converter would be included, but it is sold separately.  Most websites indicated that a Faber-Castell converter is meant for its Design and Ambition line, but according to Faber-Castell, it fits Basic as well.

IMG_0034 copy

I believe that one of the indications of a good pen company is that quality is consistent throughout its product lines, regardless of economy or luxury class.  Faber-Castell Basic fountain pen might come with a humble stainless steel nib, but it writes heavenly.  The body material and finish feel substantial compared to pens within the same price range.  It is ideal for people who are looking for more than beginner fountain pen and admiring simple design.

The MSRP for this pen is $38 and you can find it at Pen Boutique, as well as other fine writing instrument retailers.

This Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen in Carbon Fibre is provided by Pen Boutique for review purpose.  Pen Boutique is a Maryland-based vendor who also carry fine writing instrument, stationery, and accessories.  Besides the generous sample, I did not receive additional monetary compensation for writing this review.  All opinions expressed in this post are entirely mine.  


2 thoughts on “Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen in Carbon Fibre

  1. A beautiful pen, it looks very badass 🙂 I've seen Faber-Castell pens around some stores in Santiago, but they're always so out of my price range and look so “serious”. I like the orange Ondoro 🙂


  2. I feel like I am driving a race car while writing with it, thanks to the carbon fibre. Personally, I really like Ambition with Pearwood, but also out of my price range. I guess I will glue my eyes to the display case for now 🙂


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