Currently Inked

Currently inked

This round of rotation involved more pens than the past because of my recent acquisition of some colors from Sailor’s Colors of Four Seasons.  As you probably have heard, Sailor will retire the existing Jentle Ink line, but do not panic, almost all colors will remain in place with the exception of Apricot and Pêche, with reintroduction of some limited edition colors from the past.  I will talk more about it in my next post.

I am glad that J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe is available again for my rotation.  Back in January, I wanted to ink Pilot Kakuno with it but detected a funny whiff from the ink bottle.  J. Herbin responded to my inquiry immediately and offered to send a replacement bottle after receiving mine.  Glad to know when manufacturer stands behind their products by offering robust customer services regarding possibly flawed products.  This is actually my second time contacting J. Herbin about ink that has possibly gone bad, and I am equally satisfied both times.

On the other note, I am planning to attend the Pelikan Hubs meeting in Los Angeles tomorrow evening.  Not sure what to expect yet, but I hope I will have something exciting to report later!

Any new ink on your horizon?

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