Dialogue Too A5 Notebook

A problem with liking nice designs is that many notebooks will involuntarily follow you home.  When I received a hefty box from Grandluxe sometimes last year, Dialogue Too notebook was the one that caught my eyes with its embossed motif on the cover.  Like many GrandLuxe notebooks that I have reviewed1,2 Dialogue Too is made with same paper; hence similar writing performance.  Here is a summary of Dialogue Too’s specification:

  • Available in both A5 (21cm x 14.8cm; 8 1/4 inch x 5 7/8 inch) and A6 (14.8 x 10.5 cm; 5 7/8 x 4 1/8 inches).
  • Italian polyurethane cover with a blind embossed motif.
  • 80 gsm acid-free cream paper.
  • Lined and blank pages.
  • Available in blue, lime green, ivory, pink, and turquoise.
  • Weighs 358 g (12.65 oz)
A pink one is sent for review.  The color reminds me of Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline, a nice and rich magenta.  The embossing on the lower right-hand corner along with the elastic closure adds a degree of finesse to the notebook.


A small notch designed for the elastic band.  Nice addition to an otherwise simple notebook.


Dialogue Too
Writing sample was done on Dialogue Too.  Visible feathering on fountain pen ink
The backside of the same writing sample.  Visible bleed through.  Less show through for gel and ballpoint pens


Binding of the notebook.

Personally I like cream colored paper because it is softer to the eyes; however, the paper color can distort, absorb, as well as sharpen ink color, so certain colors appear more pleasing than others.  Similar to other thick notebooks, one would feel a bit of an “edge” while writing on the last portion of the notebook that feels like an uphill incline.

One feature that stands out from Dialogue Too is the notebook has both lined and blank format.  At first, I am perplexed by the format, but then I realize the benefits of this mixed format.  When one uses Dialogue Too as a journal/diary, one can easily use the lined page to compose the entry and use the opposing page for illustration or collaging.  Since the notebook comes with elastic closure and not entirely snug, it can accommodate other keepsakes that one put on the blank pages.

Cream colored pages with lined and blank format.  Lamy Al-Star with 1.1 italic nib is pictured here.
  • Elastic holds cover and content intact
  • Lines are wide enough to accommodate writings of different sizes
  • Mixed format in one book makes the notebook more versatile
  • Polyurethane cover is durable
  • Smooth writing surface that can improve overall writing experience
  • Notebook does not lay flat
  • Paper is less accommodating to wetter media, such as fountain pen ink and highlighters
  • Polyurethane cover is scuffed easily
Dialogue Too can be purchased on Amazon.
What do you think of notebooks with mixed formats?

1 GrandLuxe Monologue notebooks
2 GrandLuxe Elastiq Journal

This notebook is graciously given to me by GrandLuxe as a sample for reviewing purpose, without any monetary compensation.  All opinions expressed here entirely mine. 

2 thoughts on “Dialogue Too A5 Notebook

  1. Thank you for stopping by as usual, Bob! I have not yet found a journal that lays flat completely, though with some use, Rhodia Webbie does eventually lay flatter than when first purchased. Do you have any recommendation?


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