Selecting a suitable pencil case is close to a shoe fitting for Cinderella for me, probably because I am such an indecisive person who has a hard time deciding what to bring.  Most of the time, I only transport my selected stationery goods between home and work; thus, there is no urgent need for me to look for an adequate pencil case until I had to travel back home earlier this year.  Though the selected arsenal would be in my messenger bag with me in the cabin at all time, it was still better to be safe than sorry since I have planned to take a few fountain pen with me.  The prerequisites for this ideal pencil case are medium capacity (I prefer not to take too many items with me, as it does become harder to locate an item in the midst of pens) and some protections for fountain pens.  With these elements me mind, I thought a combination of a book style and a zippered compartment would do nicely, and after some perusal sessions, I settled on Nomadic Easy Classification Pencil Case in Blue.


  • Length:  21.7 cm (approx. 8.54 in)
  • Width:  9.2 cm (approx. 3.62 in)
  • Depth:  5.5 cm (approx. 2.17 in)
  • Material:  Nylon
  • Exterior color:  Blue with light gray trims (in this review), also available in black, gray, navy, red, and yellow.
  • Interior color:  orange (similar to the hue of Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki)
  • Closure:  zipper
  • Numbers of compartment:  3
Nomadic logo hiding behind the mesh part

Nomadic Easy Classification is large for me only because I am so accustomed to using pencil rolls.  With its dimension, it is a medium pencil case that is great for organization, daily carry, as well as traveling.  My very first impression of it was its lightweight.  Some pencil cases can be very hefty that discourage users from putting more items in it.  However, do not be fooled by its featherweight because all compartments have a thin padded layer to protect the enclosed goods.  The color combination is also eye-catching and gives a unisex appeal.  The one that is under reviewed here has hyacinth blue exterior and orange-red interior.

YKK zippers


double stitches all around

The nylon material is textured which gives a bit of grip to the pencil case that facilitates the overall retrieval of the case, and the standard YKK zippers ensure the ease of use and longevity.  I speculate that the driving force behind the design of this case is utility since there is no feature or compartment on the case that appears to be “extra.”  Though the quality of a product can be determined by the material or design alone, for me, details are indicative of the overall quality and concept of the product.  In the case of Nomadic Easy Classification, all the edgings have matching color double stitching to improve durability and to appeal aesthetically.

tray compartment with mesh pockets
The design of case intrigued me because half of the case is similar to a book-style pencil case in that the upper half has a pouch that allows vertical storage of pens, which is ideal for fountain pens, while the bottom half opens to a small compartment that is great for post-it and other smaller items.  The other half of the pencil case is tray style with two mesh pockets on the sides, with plenty of room for pens and gadgets and added a sense of organization for commonly retrieved items, such as lead and bar style eraser.


book-style-like side


longer portion
smaller compartment

Notice that I said Nomadic Easy Classification has a similar to book-style pencil case because the two compartments on one side unzipped into two flaps and do not completely open like a book.  One side is long enough to accommodate an average size fountain pen, such as a Pilot Kaküno.  Also because how long the compartment is, mini size fountain pens, such as Kaweco Liliput, might “disappear” in the pocket.  Interestingly, this is one of the times when I found pen clip handy since fountain pens can be easily secured in the pocket by clipping onto the edge.  The tray style side can fit quite a bit of pens; currently, I have 8 pens, a white-out pen, and a 15-cm (approx. 6 inches) ruler without the pen case looks overly bulging (that is with 6 fountain pens on the other side).  Though I place fountain pens in Nomadic Easy Classification as my daily carry, I would not suggest placing grail pens in them for the reasons that the case only offers light protection; however, it is suitable for any pens you would not mind or have a heartache if they have some signs of usage.

Nomadic in action!  Tray compartment
All fountain pens nicely stowed


Storing page markers and post-it in the smaller compartment

For the one month I have used this case, I have not found any feature that I dislike.  It is a durable, lightweight, and utilitarian.  The space allowance that this case provides does not translate into the weight.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nicely and streamline designed case for the daily carry.


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    Holy Quran-Chapter 4 verse 135


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