Highlighters can be a lifesaver for students.  They can point you to the passage that you think you have seen, but unsure of, or the action of highlighting can keep you awake while reading something that is dryer than rye bread.

I am usually not picky about highlighters as I would to paper or fountain pen ink because I have not come across any that disappointed me so to the extent that I need to scrutinize all other ones.  When my highlighter of 3 years finally gave out, I am back to the market for another one.  Browsing through myriads of offering at JetPens, I settled on Zebra Optex EZ highlighter since I had a positive experience with other Zebra products.



Specifications of Zebra Optex EZ:

  • Body material:  recycled plastic
  • Length:  13.5 cm (5.31 inch)
  • Available colors:  10
  • Refillable
  • Chisel tip
See the Braille-like dots?  Gently press both sides together to remove the cap

Compare to other highlighters I have used, Zebra Optex has two things stand out.  The cap has two squeezing points where you can simply apply slight pressure and the cap will come off.  I have had some highlighters in the past whose caps were on so tight that I literally had to ply them off the pens.  Optex is refillable, which makes it environmentally friendly and economical.


The color can come off a bit strong, especially as a brand new highlighter, but the hue is not so bright and dark to the point that it will obstruct the text.  The color does become a bit softer with more use, but not as soft as Monami Essneti Soft Highligther.
Bright enough for your attention, but will not overwhelm the text
To refill the pen, it requires the top of the refill case, which acts like a wrench.  Latch the wrench part close to the grip and slowly turn.  The top of the pen will open, remove the old ink tank, and replace with a new one.  Too bad the chisel tip cannot be replaced, but as long as you are not Samson, the tip should have a long life.


Refill packaging also has a diagram that succinctly explains how to insert the refill.
Here is the handy wrench
Top is the brand new refill versus bottom the used up one

Here comes the most curious part about this highlighter.  I bought it shortly before I went back to Taiwan and during my second week of stay, I literally ran out of ink.  Is it me who is highlighting chronically or it is the pen?  After I purchased the refills, I gave it another try and was able to replicate the same result.  I am uncertain whether this is the characteristic of refillable highlighters, or I am indeed a highlighting fiend.   This verdict, unfortunately, cannot be made until I try out another refillable ones!

Despite the curious lifespan of each refill, I enjoy the time I spend with this highlighter.  If you ever have trouble uncapping one, this one could be for you!  Zebra Optex EZ Highlighter can be purchased at JetPens.

2 thoughts on “Zebra Optex EZ Highlighter

  1. Great review thanks. I'm not a heavy highlighter user. Ok I'm heavy but I don't use a highlighter alot. I am intrigued by all things mechanical so this one has my interest piqued for my next JetPens order. Thanks!


  2. To be honest, my favorite part about this pen is the wrench! It is quite neat. At least I cannot twist the pen open without it. It is this type of details that often gets me in trouble! I will hurry up and write up that pencil case review that you have been longing too!


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