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For awhile I have not shared what I have inked in my pen rotation, so I thought it would be something short and sweet I can do to get back to semi-regular posting.  Currently, I only have five pens inked, which sounds like a miracle because for once I am not using every single pen I have.  Some of constant favorite (Pilot Falcon, Sailor Clear Candy, and Lamy Al-Star) that I inked time after time, some are revisits of old friends (Visconti Rembrandt and Stipula Vedo).  Color choice wise seems to be a bit conservative, given my usual colorful entourage.  Some pens just have the ability to bring out the beauty in even the most ordinary ink.  Take Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue as an example.  Definitely a workhorse for daily use, but probably not an extraordinary beauty compare to other fancy ink.  Nonetheless, when pairing with Pilot Falcon, the pen brings out the shading in the ink and adds a tad of extraordinary to a seemingly placid ink.

Here are “development” in my stationery repertoire and preview for upcoming posts:

  • Finally fix the Stipula Vedo ink flow issue.  Turned out to be a relatively easy but a bit scary fix.
  • Remember I was talking about that the Hobonichi planner has limited space for notes?  I might have found a fix for that problem.
  • Besides the Lihit Lab Teffa pen case, I think I have finally found a pen case that I can use on a daily basis, and provides some protection to the fountain pens.
  • I start wondering whether my Pilot Falcon’s line variation has become more apparent when compared to writing samples I have done when I first bought it.
  • Have you seen Pelikan’s new project called Pelikan Hubs?  Because of their last very successful Pelikan Wanderlust traveling program, Pelikan is calling out for fans all over the world to congregate at a certain “hub” on June 13th at 7:30pm.  Head over to read more about this project and nominate your city to be one of the hubs!
By the way, should you be interested in what I am up to outside of this blog, check out my Instagram account.

4 thoughts on “Currently Inked

  1. Love your rotation, it's amazing how much a nib can influence our handwriting. The different in size between the writing with the Sailor Clear Candy and the Stipula Vedo is surprising. Overall, a great choice of colors and variety of nibs to keep you entertained. Looking forward to read what else you've been up to in the pen/stationery world 🙂


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