Apologies for my long absence!  School definitely occupies most of my time, in addition to work and family.  The good news is that pen and paper still have significant presence in my life, no matter what.

Recently, I have gone back to Taiwan to visit my family, and you can almost expect me to have a set of stationery with me.  (Yes, yes, travel kit again).  I have to confess that I am particular when it comes to writing utensils, so one thing I would do first (yes, before I packed the luggage) is select stationery items I would like to have with me.


Given that this is a longer trip (it is approximately a 16-hour flight outbound), instead of bringing the trustworthy Saki Collection pen roll, Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case was purchased to fulfill this particular purpose.  I needed a pen case that offers a bit more protection and a bit more compartment to contain my choices of pens and gadget, as well as my OCD.

Lihit Lab Teffa pen case definitely answers the need of organization; there is a compartment for almost everything I have brought along with me.  Here is a breakdown of what I have inside of the pen case:

  • Pilot Kakuno Fine nib with Diamine Mint
  • Pilot Vanishing Point Fine nib with Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa (not pictured)
  • Lamy Al-Star in Matte Black EF nib with De Atramentis Gingerbread
  • Zebra Surari (a ballpoint pen is handy when it comes to custom form!)
  • Pentel Ain Clic eraser
  • Pilot Furefure Corone mechanical pencil in .3mm
  • Zebra Optex EZ highlighter in purple
  • Pilot Neox Eno HB lead in .3mm
  • Pilot Coleto Multipen
  • Pilot Hi-Tec-C


Ink that has been filled in these three pens have not been in the rotation for awhile; the revisit reminded me of how much I like them.  It is clear that most of the writing utensils are in fine or extra fine nibs.  In retrospect, I would bring Pilot Falcon instead of Lamy so there is more variety in nib sizes.  It is also obvious that all the writing instruments are quite colorful, partly because they are handy when it comes to note taking, and equally effective to stay awake while studying.  If it was an ordinary vacation, you might think I have gone to Lala land with a mini stationery store in my messenger bag.  Unfortunately, school work awaited while I was abroad, so nice stationery brought some solace to this task.
In addition, I also have the Hobonichi planner with me, not as much as a planner, but as a travelogue. It just happened that at the metro stations in Taipei, commemorative stamps were available at each metro station to collect.  Probably the most inexpensive and memorable souvenir.  🙂



6 thoughts on “Resurfacing and update

  1. Welcome back Shangching! I enjoyed watching your pictures from Taiwan on Instagram, and what a lovely souvenir you got, the rubberstamp looks so cute.

    I'm like you, whenever I have to go out on a trip, I first decide on what pens/paper/art supplies I'll bring and then worry about clothing. Goodness save me from being caught up in a writing mood without the perfect pen for the moment 😉


  2. I can't guarantee that I will stay visible for long… I might soon be buried under piles of homework 😉 I thought the stamp idea is ingenious! Great for backpackers who cannot lug around tons of souvenirs. I should have brought some postcard stockcard with me, so I can stamp and send them to friends! I start wondering how many varieties there are, since not all stations have its unique stamp.
    Stationery is so fun to pack, unlike the real luggage where you need to weigh it and make sure there is nothing prohibitive in there. I do have a tendency to pack up a store… lol.


  3. Hopefully I will get a chance to give more details on the case soon, so you can have a better idea. There was no leakage from the fountain pens, even though some of them are not filled all the way with the ink. From what I understood, only certain models of fountain pens are prone to leakage (Parker Vacumatic being one of them). As an extra layer of protection, I put all the fountain pens in a ziplock bag inside of the pen case, and had the nibs pointed up. This method has worked for the two trips I have taken thus far.


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