Recently I was on a 48-hour trip to Wisconsin, attending orientations for my master’s program.  Believe it or not, it was easier to pack the the carry-on than deciding  which stationery items to take.

  1. Midori Traveler’s Notebook:  It comes in handy for note taking, or doodling when the orientation became a bit unbearable.
  2. A simple file folder with loose paper:  It is just a habit of mine to bring some reading assignment with me on a trip.  Cannot guarantee that I will read the course materials, but I am ready for jogging down notes!
  3. Hobonichi planner:  This is double as a journal.  I usually write down memorable details of the day, as well as to-do list.  It also contains my identification card and carries some postage stamps.
  4. Midori Puzzle Point Maker Adhesive notes:  Yes, these are post-it in shapes of forest creatures.  Great as place marker because of their size.
  5. Regular size Post-it notes:  Great for a quick notes and stick it to any surface.
  6. Pencil roll:  contains 2 Hi-Tec-C Coleto with mechanical pencil, two fountain pens (Sailor HighAce Neo and Lamy Al-Star; did not blow up on me on the plane!), one stick eraser, and one Pilot Petit brush pen.  Do you think this is enough for 48 hours?  Definitely enough to make a journal page colorful and to take somewhat neat notes.  Good variety, too.
What do you like to take with you on a short trip?
PS.  As you probably have noticed, I have been a bit quiet on my blog.  It might be this way for awhile because school just started for me.  I will try to post something little from time to time, but if I am silent, rest assure that I am still on the face of the planet, buried under assignments!

4 thoughts on “Stationery Travel Kit

  1. Nice setup. I have not been brave enough yet to travel by plane with a loaded FP. I took an empty one once and filled it from a sample ink vial when I got to my destination but that end up more trouble than it was worth. Before I got into FP's I acquired a nice collection of rollerballs so plane travel gives me an excuse to break out one of those so I go to the safe and enjoy picking one of those to enjoy on my trip. Then I round it out with my daily life journal (Currently a TWSBI), another journal for meeting notes and a couple of thank you cards in case a gesture of gratitude is required. I wish you all the success on your new studies.


  2. Well, this fact might give you a tiny heartache, none of my fountain pens was full! They were both half full, which was something that most fountain pen pros would advise against. I put them in a ziplock bag as precaution and I was very lucky that none of them made a mess.
    Thank you cards is a great idea, which I never thought of. Probably because I usually make my own cards, but I will bring postage stamps with me, in case that I need to send a postcard or two.
    Thank you for the well wishes! I will need every ounce of it. 🙂


  3. It is a very nice kit, thank you for sharing.
    I've been travelling by plane for years with my Fountain Pens fully loaded or half loaded, I haven't seen any leakage or any other problem. My theory for this is: If the plane cabin is pressurized for passengers' health, it must be the same with our own land, so the same pressure is OK for the FP itself.


  4. Hi Reha,
    Thank you very much for stopping by! I like your theory, since I am very lucky traveling with fountain pens thus far, both domestically and internationally. There are a few models that are prone to leakage, Parker Vacumatic is one of them. Just to be on a safe side, I always have the nib pointing upward.


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