As a fan of Pelikan Edelstein ink, I am thrilled to see Pelikan’s announcement for the Color of the Year for 2015.  Yes, you read right, 2015.  Pelikan is definitely thinking ahead!  There is a twist, however, in the color because YOU get to define it!  In addition to submitting your own mix of color, you will have a chance to see a gallery composed of others’ submissions and rate which ones catch your eyes.  Want to find out more?  Click on this link for more details.


4 thoughts on “Pelikan Edelstein Color of the Year for 2015

  1. Interesting marketing spin for sure but I just can't fathom how I could come up with another shade of the brownish red burgundies that I like so much. Thanks for the share, I'll mosey over there and see the details


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