Some discoveries are made serendipitously, especially when it comes to fountain pens.  Though they are such endearing writing utensils, finding paper, especially post-it, that can tolerate the ink can be a bit of a challenge.

It just happened that I was delegated the responsibility of ordering office supplies for my unit at work (stationery nerd’s dream come true?  My supervisor obviously does not know the existence of this blog), and I was puzzled by how regular Post-it does not adhere well to any surface, so I ordered the Super Sticky type.  While randomly grabbed a Super Sticky Post-it to scribble notes, I softly cursed at myself because I wrote with a fountain pen, but only to find out, oh, no ink blobs!  Of course this phenomenon piqued my curiosity, so I decided to do a small experiment with several fountain pens I had with me.  In all samples, blue is the Super Sticky while the pink is a regular post-it made with recycled paper.  Both varieties are manufactured by 3M.

Montblanc Royal Blue in J. Herbin Rollerball

This pen and ink combination work well with both varieties.  Very minor feathering can be detected where I rested the pen tip slightly longer, but over all, no feathering that will cause aneurism.

MB Royal blue

Sailor Clear Candy with J. Herbin Rouge Bourgogne

J. Herbin ink rarely works well with regular paper in my experience, and Sailor’s finer nib can caught the fiber in paper that is slightly toothy.  How does this combination work in both Post-it?  Well, better than I expected.  There are minor feathering in both Post-it, but not to the extent that the writing is distorted.  As for bleedthrough, there is none for Super Sticky and small specks of ink dots scattered on the regular Post-it.


Pilot Vanishing Point and Montblanc Lavender Purple

Though I love the color, Montblanc Lavender Purple can be selective on paper.  Both Post-it actually have stellar performance in face of this difficult ink.  Very minor feathering on the regular one, especially where lines intercept, but no ink blobs.  As for Super Sticky, there is very little spidery line if you enlarge the photo.  No bleedthrough on Super Sticky, and ink dots for the regular.


Pilot Falcon and Lindauer Purple

Since I am doing an experiment, might as well go all out, right?  Falcon was the wettest pen I had with me, so how do the Post-it notes stand?

Not too shabby if I wrote normally with no flex.  Yes, there is a bit of feathering along the corner on the Super Sticky, but words remain legible.  The feathering manifested a bit differently on the regular Post-it.  While feathering pretty much contained where the ink pools for Super Sticky, feathering spreads outward on regular one.
Falcon unflex

Here comes the ultimate test:  flexing!  The feathering is apparent without any type of magnifying glass, but still not too bad to the point that you see Gestalt blobs.  Super Sticky still holds well for the most part.  This writing sample exhibits the most bleedthrough compare to the previous four.  Comparatively, the feathering is worse on a regular Post-it.  In fact, the bleedthrough seep to the next note.

Falcon flex

I hope this series of experiment contribute a bit to the ongoing discussion on fountain pen friendly Post-it.  Though Super Sticky is not 100% feathering free, in my opinion, it does very well compare to my previous experience.  I am not certain whether all Super Sticky Post-it will perform the same as the one I used in the office, but at least there is some hope, right?

What is your experience with Post-it and fountain pens?

8 thoughts on “A note on fountain pen friendly post-it

  1. What a cool test. I love the convenience of sticky notes but never enjoy how they play ugly with my fountain pens. I think I'm stuck with the major big box office supply store brand so maybe I will sneak in some of the extra stickies. Thanks


  2. Walgreens drug stores (in the US) sell their own “Wexford” brand sticky notes in subtle colors at about $6 for 12 100-sheet packs (3×3 inches). Even 10x magnification shows only the most minimal feathering from extremely juicy fountain pens, and none at all from others. I'm well pleased with these inexpensive alternatives to the big-name notes, and they stick moderately well to most smooth surfaces.


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