With the advent of holiday season, it is part of my “tradition” to send out holiday greeting cards.  In fact, this tradition began when I came to the United States and continued since then.  Back in the days when fountain pens are not as popular, this would be one of the occasions when I busted the trusty Park 45 trying to compose thoughtful messages.  The usage of fountain pen is also contingent to the cards I get for the season.  Some tolerate the ink, but unfortunately some reject it utterly.

It is fortunate that this year’s card takes fountain pen ink rather well, though the ink does pool on the glossy cardstock so the drying time is longer.  As for the envelops, I  used Tachikawa G nib with a bronze/copper gouache mix to write recipients’ names and addresses.  Silver was my original color of choice, but it does not show as much against a white background; after all, I would like the cards to be delivered.

Some of the cards I am sending out

Where do the cards go?  It is a good mix of domestic and international recipients.  Just in case you are interested, USPS has released more varieties of holiday stamps than usual, even for the international rate.  These stamps definitely enhances the jolliness of the holiday.

Yes, accident does happen.  Color of the year for greeting cards.

Do you send out any holiday greeting cards?  Is there any ritual you have established?

By the way, if you would like to receive a handwritten card from me, please feel free to e-mail me with your address, and one will show up in your mail box!


4 thoughts on “Card Season

  1. Shangching, I agree card selection gets hard because first and foremost is the message the card conveys, then can you get enough of them, then finally we REALLY want them to accept FP ink. ARGHH!…I hope your hunt has been successful for this year.


  2. Yay, I see my name up there!

    Now for a confession: I'm lousy at sending cards. I was never good at it, not even on my cardmaking days. With warm days and exams I hardly think of Christmas until the week before :/!


  3. This year I have been lucky, and the cards were not expensive either. They are by American Greetings. In my experience, Caspri's cards have been fountain pen friendly. Ones from Papyrus is a hit and miss, especially with pearly finished paper. Have you checked out the ones by Crane? Since they specialize in stationery, maybe better chance?
    Envelops are the ones that give me problems this year. Shadowing is especially prominent when the gouache gushed onto the surface. At least there is no feathering!


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