Tanzanite 3

Tanzanite 2

When Pelikan announced the release of two new Edelstein colors last year, I immediately went for Turmaline but had reservation toward Tanzanite because the latter appeared a bit safe.  It is indeed a safe and reliable color for a professional environment, but the color can be a bit dull.  Though it is named after a gem, the ink color does not have the prominent purple hue which embodies in Sapphire.

Tanzanite is a great work ink because it does not have much shading compare to its other Edelstein siblings, but it also means that document written in Tanzanite will have a better photocopying result due to the consistent saturation.  The dull feeling for this ink derives from its gray undertone and this hue also renders this color less of a blue black.  However, it is difficult to overlook nice flow hence it pairs well with fine and extra fine nibs.

Is there ink that you designate for work?


9 thoughts on “Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite

  1. I agree that this ink seems to lack the pop of other inks in the range that I've seen, but it'd be a nice choice for the office. My co-workers don't like it when I write out quotations in Matador Red 🙂

    For work inks I like to use the Diamine “Deep Dark” series from Cult Pens. They're relatively cheap (at least in the UK), and they've got some nice colour in them (though I haven't used the red one yet) while still being dark enough for business use and copying purposes.


  2. I have not yet ventured into Diamine ink, besides Mint, so thank you for the suggestion! As for work ink, I have tendency to push my boundary a little by using “borderline” ink, such as R&K Scabiosa that can pass as a black with purple tint in some pens. For a safer work color, Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue is a good choice. Though it is a lighter blue, it is still saturated enough to not have variegated copy results.

    Thank you for reading!


  3. Interesting, Gray ink has never floated to to the top of my buy list but I like how this one lays down in your samples. I tend to lean towards the brighter dark blues that pop off the paper in my corporate work place. Not enough of my handwritten material gets passed around so I may order me up a sample here.


  4. Tanzanite might be better described as a darker gray with tint of blue, instead of the other way around 😉 I usually prefer lighter and brighter blue like Pelikan's royal blue, but because Edelstein is like a soft spot for me, I just have to see it to believe it, though I did not feel it at the beginning. You should definitely take advantage of Goulet's November promotion and get a sample or two!


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