What is the best way to celebrate this day?  Here are some ideas:

  • Julie at Pens Paper Inks…Whatever has a nice round-up of different special deals and giveaways offered by vendors and bloggers in honors of this day.  Head over to check it out!
  • Ivan at Inktronics is collaborating with JetPens giving away a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro.
  • Want to say hi to a friend?  Instead of sending a text or e-mail, handwritten a short note.  You can even take a picture of the written note, if the friend is far far away.
  • Pick an ink sample at random and try it out with a fountain pen you have not used in awhile.
  • Have a friend who is curious about fountain pens but is not sure about it?  Pick out a beginner fountain pen, along with some of your favorite ink.  Maybe you will gain a convert!  I have converted someone with a Pilot Petit1.  
  • Share some of your newly discovered ink with people who are using fountain pens.  Sharing fosters a stronger bond, especially on a common passion.
  • Give your fountain pens a nice thorough cleaning.  This will ensure the pens’ longevity.
How would I commemorate this day?  Finish writing letters with fountain pens I have inked (surprisingly only three at the moment), while enjoying home-made persimmon ice cream; the hue reminds me of Fuyu-gaki.  
What would you do today with your fountain pen?

2 thoughts on “Happy Fountain Pen Day

  1. I hope you had a great Fountain Pen Day, Shangching! (although for us, isn't *every* day FP Day? :). I once tried to convert a friend with a Pilot Petit, but failed misserably. She's one of my closest friends in my heart, but she's in Spain so I guess being that she couldn't see me geek out about FPs on a daily basis, she just didn't get the bug. I've also used a Preppy to try to convert a classmate. Failed again.

    Oh well! I still have a couple years to think about what pen to give to my BF's daughter. Third time is the charm, right?

    Did you use Solferino for today's writing? The color reminds me of it and that I need to ink up a new pen with this ink. Or find the Preppy I had inked with this.


  2. Yes, the writing was done in Solferino. As I age, I am drawn more to shades of pink and magenta and for some reason, that bothers me a bit because I was never a pink person! Oh well, things change, right?

    Did not do much on Fountain Pen Day, besides catching up on some letters and do my usual practice. I have converted a friend with Petit, and she went off buying a Lamy Safari. Another friend of mine received a Lamy Al-Star from me for her birthday, for she was oogling my Parker since high school. I do not think she becomes a big fountain pen user, but she enjoys taking it out once in awhile to doodle. Personally, I think Preppy is great for its price, as long as the barrel does not break on you 😉


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