Midori The World Meister’s Note – Santina

Midori is leading Japanese company that produces a wide array of paper products, craft items, and office supplies. Established in 1950, Midori products are noted for its simple yet sophisticated style, with stunning quality no less; I have not yet disappointed with any Midori products I have tried thus far. Besides its famed Traveler’s Notebook, Midori has several lines of notebooks that have equally stellar quality. One of the new lines of notebooks called “The World Meister’s Note” bears the design concept of marrying two types of paper in one and an international collaboration. That is, the writing paper from Midori with cover material from another country.

Santina, the subject of this post, has leather paper from the Netherlands as cover with Midori paper inside. The name “Santina” is referring to the Dutch company that manufactures the leather paper for 86 years. The texture of the leather paper reminds me of the cover for Rhodia R pad, a bit rubbery to touch but velvety at the same time. Midori’s choice of using leather paper as cover because of its durability and it does not crease easily; that means the notebook can survive in anyone’s backpack while retaining its original appearance. The covers feel like plastic because of the PVC base materials, but unlike plastic surface leather paper is resistant to fingerprints and dirt. Definitely good characteristics to have in notebook cover. In addition to this seemingly perfect cover, the thick plastic cover that comes with the notebook further protects the notebook from becoming scuffed.



IMG_1041Embossment on the spine

The notebook is made to appear as a book. In addition to sturdy yet flexible covers, the first inner page is made with textured, lightweight card stock, and printed with the notebook’s name, notebooks size, and numbers of pages.

First inner page made with textured lightweight card stock. That makes the notebook like “your book” To further giving the notebook as “one” look, the edging of the paper has matching color as the cover, so if looking from the side the notebook appears like a color block. I find the simple and modern aesthetic appealing, though it does not have much adornment. Some vibrant colored notebook’s hue can rub off over time, definitely not Santina since it is printed with UV rays curing ink. Midori claims that the color will not be rubbed off even with a wet paper towel.

The notebook is in A6 size (96mm x 145mm; 3.78in x 5.71in). It might be small for some people, but the petit size also means portability. As I was carrying it around for a week, I barely noticed its existence in the messenger bag.

The pages are grid ruled, but the ruling is not obtrusive. It is there to provide guidance but it is faint enough that it does not obstruct with writing. As the above picture shows, the grid does not extend fully to the end of the page, which make the page appear larger than it actually is. The paper is in off-white, but still representing colors I have tested well and because it is not as sharp as white, the color is easy to the eyes.

Compare to other Midori paper I have tried, the surface of Santina is minutely toothy, but not so rough to the point that finer point of gel and fountain pens will catch on the fiber. The toothiness gives a bit of traction to media that is inherently slippery, such as ballpoint pen. Very little smearing is observed during ink testing indicates the great absorbency of the paper without any feathering and bleedthrough. Despite the thinness of the paper, very little showthrough on the back page.

Just like any other Midori paper, Santina is fountain pen friendly. The paper remains free of feathering even with a fountain pen with flex nib, such as Pilot Falcon. Here is a closer look at the same writing sample. The paper is still immaculate. This notebook is a great everyday carry given its size. What makes it even better is how acceptable the paper is to a wide array of media. Plus, who would not want a gorgeous and simple notebook like this? Even by looking at the notebook, it is definitely beautiful enough to be on a museum display. Since Santina is only volume 2 of the World Meister’s Note, I am only anticipating more amazing products from this series to come. Other colors available: lime green, pink, black, sky blue, and navy blue.

Places to purchase: The Journal Shop(UK based), Kinokuniya bookstore.

Notebook edging is in matching color as the cover so the notebook looks like a color block. Simple and streamline.
Grid ruled paper inside.
Santina 1
Ink testing with variety of media
Flex pen testing

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